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    Lipolysis News

    14.04.07 17:38

    Press conference in Paris

    Stronger public focus on lipolysis

    Dr. Hasengschwandtner, director of the NETWORK, Dr. Marechal, national representative and a certified lipolysis trainer, and Dirk Brandl, one of the NETWORK founders, explained injection lipolysis to 13 journalists from major French magazines. It soon became clear that the general public is still largely unaware of this therapy, and especially its dynamic development towards enhanced safety and increased efficacy. The journalists were astonished to learn that the NETWORK-Lipolysis has been continuously developing the standards for the lipodissolve injection therapy for 3 years and that the NETWORK protocols are now in use by more than 950 physicians throughout the world. The NETWORK continues to regard it as its duty to inform medical practitioners and patients objectively about the therapy, with an emphasis on facts and data. This approach was found to be very convincing by the journalists.




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