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    Lipolysis News

    23.03.07 12:43

    Meaningful use of membership fees

    Research and information

    The fees for membership of the NETWORK, which cannot exactly be described as low, serve 2 main purposes: facilitating independent and objective research into injection lipolysis, and informing the public, and especially doctors and patients, about the possibilities and risk of this form of therapy for dissolving fat. One of the priority goals is getting across the message that low-risk therapy is only possible through comprehensive, first-rate training. The NETWORK is especially opposed to using patients as guinea pigs.
    At the same time, we also seek to counter the impression as given by some opponents of this new aesthetic therapy that the patients are exposed to unforeseeable risks, even when the NETWORK protocols are applied in the proper manner.
    For a good 9 months now, a team at Regensburg University headed by Dr. Torsten Blunk of the X Institute X has been conducting research into injection lipolysis with financial support from the NETWORK.
    Through their first interim report, the researchers have demonstrated that we made an excellent choice in these highly qualified partners. Their initial results show that the substances used have both a cell-membrane-destroying and lipolytic effect, but also that the correct dosage is of paramount importance. We were therefore especially pleased to learn that the dosage used by NETWORK members allows the substances to act to full effect, while at the same time being at the bottom end of the range. In other words, the dosage recommended by our Medical Advisory Board has been fully confirmed.
    It was also highly interesting to learn that the substances trigger different reactions when used in combination than when used alone. The conclusions to be drawn from these results are the subject of intense discussion within the NETWORK.




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