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    Lipolysis News

    05.05.07 20:49

    NETWORK aims to ensure the same conditions worldwide

    Therapy based on the same substances everywhere

    The differing framework conditions in individual countries are forcing the NETWORK-Lipolysis to build up a worldwide network of producers. The goal of this producer network is to ensure that our members everywhere have legal access to the necessary soya lecithin in consistent quality. In some cases, this is only possible through the enormous efforts and persistence of our local members. All new therapies give rise to controversy and dispute, and it is right and proper that they should. The institutions and official bodies of all countries act in accordance with their national laws. The result of this is that use of the therapy for aesthetic purposes is not permitted in all countries. Even in neighbouring countries of Europe, the legal position can differ. The NETWORK is therefore not able to achieve the same progress everywhere.
    From researching the national laws and regulations to obtaining approval for the therapy to be legally practised is a process that can take several months, and in some cases even years. Nevertheless, our members see it as a commitment to establish the same treatment conditions everywhere in the world, with the same level of safety for the patients through comprehensive information regarding the possibilities and risks of the therapy, and the same level of security for the treating physicians through standardised patient information forms, the performance of the therapy in compliance with uniform standards and using high-quality materials, and insurance cover for use of the therapy.
    In Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and many other European countries, the basis is already laid, as is also the case in the USA and Australia. The conditions are currently in the process of being established In Egypt, for the Near East region, and in India, for the Asia region, while in Canada, initial agreements have just been concluded with compound producers. The aim of these measures is to be able to offer our members phosphatidylcholine of the same quality everywhere in the world, with the approval of the authorities and in compliance with the national laws.




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