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    Lipolysis News

    07.12.07 13:29

    Quality and strength

    The NETWORK-Lipolysis is growing not just in numbers, but also in quality. Further information here

    This past year has shown that our approach of offering training workshops throughout the world with a uniform, standardised protocol is the right one. The number of practitioners certified by the NETWORK now adds up to more than 1100.
    Also our expansion into new countries is proceeding excellently; this year, for example, the NETWORK provided training workshops for the first time in Egypt, Canada and Israel. It should be emphasised in this context that we do not simply offer a workshop in a particular country; rather, well before the workshop takes place, we make every effort to establish legal treatment possibilities by seeking to establish cooperation with all important medical societies and institutions and researching pharmacy partners for the production of our NETWORK compound. Only when these preconditions are in place do we then offer the actual training.
    However, the NETWORK has not only increased in size; our qualitative aspirations have also grown. One of the high points of this year was undoubtedly the MASTER Conference in Paris, at which our research partners had the opportunity to present their results. But that was not all: In November, we held a first Members Conference in Australia, with the aim of providing optimum support also for our members located in more far-away places. This regional conference was further clear evidence of the way in which our members and consultants in all parts of the world are engaged in research into and further development of the therapy, for example Dr. Ninian Peckitt from New Zealand or Dr. Swapan Chowdhury, who for the first time was able to present MRI images allowing objective measurement of the extent of fat reduction.
    Another major success this year was our Europe-wide security for members through the Premium Goldcard, which includes liability and legal defence insurance for medical practitioners and which we were able to take out under a group insurance policy with Basler Insurance of Austria for those members whose own insurers (still) refuse to provide cover.
    But also for next year we have a considerable number of things planned: We intend to hold our first workshop in China; we will very soon be having our compound produced in India for supply to many Asian countries; and national members meetings are planned in the USA and Germany. We are currently also working on audit material which will provide us with up-to-date data on the safety of lipolysis.




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