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    Lipolysis News

    01.12.07 16:22

    Successful NETWORK Start in Canada, Egypt and Israel

    Since this autumn the NETWORK-LIpolysis offers training courses in these countries

    After a long time of research for the right compound pharmacy partners, we finally could sign contracts for Egypt (and the middle east), Canada and Israel. The compound production for our members has already started. For the NETWORK is the availability of the compound a precondition to offer courses in a country. We always want to offer not only courses but also the possibility to start with the therapy under legal conditions with well trained physicians. After the certification by passing the trainings some small but very agile groups have been founded, who support the NETWORK in their countries by an intensive exchange, by media work, and by information of collegues about the new possibilities. All members agree in the necessity to let the NETWORK grow to reach acceptance for the therapy by collegues and by patients as well.




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