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    Lipolysis News

    05.06.07 22:11

    Very high level of satisfaction on the part of workshop participants

    NETWORK training is rated very highly

    At our training courses, we hand out questionnaires that the participants in our workshops can complete and return – anonymously, if they prefer. We proceed on the assumption that our training courses are always capable of improvement and that we must work continuously towards that goal. In this way, we have received many improvement suggestions from our members, which we have put into practice.
    Even so, we were understandably more than gratified that our workshops are rated predominantly as good to very good. Our thanks for this result go to all our workshop participants, but they also go to the few who have judged us more critically, for we also heed their message and take it as a spur to improve. The teaching content was rated by 64.5 % of all respondents as very good, by 33 % as good. The delivery content delivery and presentations were also assessed by 65.5% as very good and 29 % as good.
    We would also like to mention one other important number: Doctors who are interested in our workshops sometimes complain about the price of the course. What many people forget is that the workshop price also includes one year’s free membership, with all the services offered by the NETWORK-Lipolysis. In retrospect, therefore, 42.5 % rated the workshop as offering very good value for money, 32.5 % as good value for money.
    We wish to pass this positive result on, together with our gratitude, to all the trainers, speakers and organisation teams.



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    American NETWORK-Lipolysis

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    Congress Lectures by NETWORK Members

    Canada: CACS 5th Annual Congress

    Short information about the congress
    October 24/25/26, 2008
    Montefiore Club, 1195 Guy, Montreal, QUE
    Topics: Esthetic medicine & surgery
    Lipolysis - Lasers - Fillers
    Botox - Fat transfer - Breast - Facelifts - etc.
    NETWORK director Dr. Franz Hasengschwandt-
    ner will present a lecture about IL - State of the Art.

    Link to the programme


    Click on the picture for the programme

    Intern. Congress in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine & MediSpa

    Dubai, UAE - Nov 29 to Dec 1, 2008

    This Conference will discuss the latest cutting edge treatments for “Patient’s Global Management”, in the combination of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.
    NETWORK member Dr. Angelo-Khattar will give a lecture about Injection Lipolysis.

    Interventional Cosmetics

    NETWORK members Dr. Ines Verner, (Israel) and Mark Palmer (UK) after their lectures on Peels and Injection Lipolysis at the "Interventional Cosmetics" Conference of The Royal Society of Medicine, London, Feb. 25th, 2008. Co-Founder of NETWORK-Lipolysis Ulrich Bunzek (GER) welcomed both at the NETWORK Information booth.

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