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    Lipolysis News

    25.03.08 13:47

    Foundation of NETWORK-Lipolysis Mexico

    After passing our first training the participants decided to found NETWORK-Lipolysis Mexico...

    Participants of the 1st training course

    Our first Mexican workshop has raised great interest. Dr. Franz (Hasengschwandtner), who presented the theoretical and practical part in Spanish could lecture on March 8 in front of 30 physicians. The participants were very engaged and therefore decided directly after the course to found the Mexican NETWORK organization to represent the therapy in their country. As one of the participants of this event I have to state especially the great engagement and enthusiasm of the physicians who participated. Thanks have to go to Dr. Martin Iglesias Morales and Dr. Lilian Jessurun de Curiel, our international NETWORK reps for Mexico, who both have organized the meeting in a marvellous way. The engagement of our Mexican members can surely be seen as a prototype for the whole NETWORK. The Mexican NETWORK will be presented by:

    President: Dra. Gabriela Torres Cisneros
    Vice president: Lilian Jesurun de Curiel
    Secretery: Henry Ardón López
    Financial area: Patricia Butrón Gandarillas
    1st Speaker: Eduardo Ayuso
    2nd Speaker: Roberto Matabuena Támez
    3rd Speaker: Javier Huerta Rivadeneyra
    4th Speaker: Jose Luis Valero Salas

    Representatives of the NETWORK-Lipolysis Mexico



    Trainings & Workshops:

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    Phone contact

    +49 -2508-21 59-200

    American NETWORK-Lipolysis

    Please visit our
    US/CAN Website

    Congress Lectures by NETWORK Members

    Canada: CACS 5th Annual Congress

    Short information about the congress
    October 24/25/26, 2008
    Montefiore Club, 1195 Guy, Montreal, QUE
    Topics: Esthetic medicine & surgery
    Lipolysis - Lasers - Fillers
    Botox - Fat transfer - Breast - Facelifts - etc.
    NETWORK director Dr. Franz Hasengschwandt-
    ner will present a lecture about IL - State of the Art.

    Link to the programme


    Click on the picture for the programme

    Intern. Congress in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine & MediSpa

    Dubai, UAE - Nov 29 to Dec 1, 2008

    This Conference will discuss the latest cutting edge treatments for “Patient’s Global Management”, in the combination of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.
    NETWORK member Dr. Angelo-Khattar will give a lecture about Injection Lipolysis.

    Interventional Cosmetics

    NETWORK members Dr. Ines Verner, (Israel) and Mark Palmer (UK) after their lectures on Peels and Injection Lipolysis at the "Interventional Cosmetics" Conference of The Royal Society of Medicine, London, Feb. 25th, 2008. Co-Founder of NETWORK-Lipolysis Ulrich Bunzek (GER) welcomed both at the NETWORK Information booth.

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