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    Lipolysis News

    02.05.08 19:25

    Man prosecuted by MHRA over Lipostabil®
    Press notice by Aesthetic Medicine Journal

    The Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has successfully prosecuted a man for illegally possessing with intention to sell and advertising the unlicensed drug Lipostabil® for cosmetic purposes.More...

    Dr D. M., a GP based at the L. S. in Nottingham, pleaded guilty to three charges and was ordered to pay more than £10,000 in costs and fines.
    This is an old case dating back from 2005 - these things take a long time to be heard. The doctor was allegedly practicing improperly by importing a large unnamed stock of lipostabil and was allegedly not following named patient prescribing regulations properly.
    He also may have attracted the MHRA's attention through advertising and allegedly did not respond to their warning to stop doing so on his website.
    They may therefore have had little choice other than to prosecute.
    As it appears that the doctor concerned decided to plead guilty, there may not have been a judicial hearing to scrutinise the relevant legislation which he was alleged to have contravened.
    This should not be a concern to any doctor prescribing and administering any type of medication in the UK which has no MHRA marketing authorisation provided that this is strictly done without breach of any legislation.
    The NETWORK advises its members carefully how to use injection-lipolysis treatment without contravening any legislation in each country and it offers a European group insurance for its members.



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    Congress Lectures by NETWORK Members

    Canada: CACS 5th Annual Congress

    Short information about the congress
    October 24/25/26, 2008
    Montefiore Club, 1195 Guy, Montreal, QUE
    Topics: Esthetic medicine & surgery
    Lipolysis - Lasers - Fillers
    Botox - Fat transfer - Breast - Facelifts - etc.
    NETWORK director Dr. Franz Hasengschwandt-
    ner will present a lecture about IL - State of the Art.

    Link to the programme


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    Intern. Congress in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine & MediSpa

    Dubai, UAE - Nov 29 to Dec 1, 2008

    This Conference will discuss the latest cutting edge treatments for “Patient’s Global Management”, in the combination of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.
    NETWORK member Dr. Angelo-Khattar will give a lecture about Injection Lipolysis.

    Interventional Cosmetics

    NETWORK members Dr. Ines Verner, (Israel) and Mark Palmer (UK) after their lectures on Peels and Injection Lipolysis at the "Interventional Cosmetics" Conference of The Royal Society of Medicine, London, Feb. 25th, 2008. Co-Founder of NETWORK-Lipolysis Ulrich Bunzek (GER) welcomed both at the NETWORK Information booth.

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