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    Lipolysis News

    30.05.08 17:34

    Results of the first German members meeting

    The NETWORK offers smaller meetings within the national framework, here are the results of the last German members meeting

    Dear Reader,

    This is to briefly inform you about the latest developments in the field of injection lipolysis as they emerged at our 1st German-language Members Meeting on 19 April.
    Information on the German-language NETWORK-Lipolysis Members Meeting on 19 April 2008

    Lecture by Ass. Prof. Dr. Prantl of Regensburg University on the subject of lipolysis studies
    Dr. Prantl informed the listeners about the two studies which have been carried out by Plastic Surgery and Pharmaceutical Technology at Regensburg University into the efficacy of injection lipolysis and are now due for publication. The following conclusions, which will soon also be supported by the publications, can be drawn about the substances investigated:
    1. Deoxycholic acid is the main agent in Lipostabil and causes destruction of the cell membrane. In high doses, phosphatidylcholine also has the effect of destroying the cell walls. Through combination of the two substances, the dosage of each of them can be reduced. A lipolytic effect was not found with Na-deoxycholate.
    2. The efficacy of the individual substances and of Lipostabil depends on the dosage.
    3. On the strength of in vitro dosage tests, it can be taken that the dosages specified by the NETWORK protocol are effective.

    Lecture by Prof. Gundermann on the subject of phospholipids
    Prof. Gundermann further analysed the active substances in phosphatidylcholine by highlighting the quality differences between various PC substances. Prof. Gundermann also presented a comprehensive overview of the various therapeutic uses of PPC. In particular, this confirmed the preliminary work of Dr. Hasengschwandtner who introduced these elements early on in our Workshop material. For us, the contact to Prof. Gundermann is of major importance for a variety of reasons, for in him we have a partner who can answer future scientific questions. The NETWORK hopes to continue the collaboration with Prof. Gundermann.

    Lecture by Dr. Hasengschwandtner on the subject of fat
    In his paper, Dr. Hasengschwandtner provided a very good summary of the current status of fat research. We consider this lecture to be important for all lipolysis therapists and will therefore publish all the slides of his lecture on the Members Page under the menu item Support. So please read up on the most important facts in the field of fat research once more, as this background knowledge is also important for practical lipolysis application.

    Lecture by Dr. Stutz on the subject of lipomas
    The approach to the treatment of lipomas by Dr. Stutz was found thoroughly convincing by all participants. Very soundly based, presented with a clear treatment protocol and documented using ultrasonic imaging methods before, during and after treatment, he showed the many possibilities and also the limits of lipoma treatment.

    Lecture by Dr. Weidmann on the subject of cellulite
    Dr. Weidmann presented his extension to the cellulitis protocol developed by Dr. Hasengschwandtner. Dr. Weidmann and Dr. van der Lugt have already agreed to produce a synthesis of the results in the course of this year and so be able to provide the members with a new and even more successful treatment protocol. This will probably comprise the following components, which can either be used altogether or individually, depending on the severity of the cellulitis condition: Injection lipolysis, radiofrequency, carboxy therapy, mesotherapy and treatment with the solubilised Cellulight Creme, with regard to which Dr. Weidmann was able to contribute some initial results of his own. We are planning to supplement this protocol with the results of the work of Prof. Nor El-Din and Dr. Treacy.

    Lecture by Dr. van der Lugt, Lipolysis Diet
    One question that Dr. van der Lugt has concerned herself with is whether, through a patient diet specifically designed to support the treatment, the lipolysis process can be positively influenced and stimulated. Her proposed lipolysis diet is not aimed at weight reduction on the part of the patient but at helping to stimulate the biochemical processes involved in fat elimination. We will make Dr. van der Lugt’s programme available to the members as soon as possible.

    Lecture by Dr. Hasengschwandtner on the subject of face tightening
    With many highly convincing pictures resulting from his own work, supplemented by a number outstanding pictures by Dr. Palmer, Dr. Hasengschwandtner was able to provide the participants with a highly plastic description of the indication of face tightening using lipolysis. The unanimous view was that IL represents a further effective tool for use in skin tightening and appears highly meaningful as a further indication for lipolysis.

    Lecture by Director Zieger on the current insurance situation in the field of aesthetic medicine
    Mr. Zieger, director of the Basler Versicherung insurance company, drew attention in particular to the current developments in the area of claims. An interesting aspect in this context is that while the number of claims has not increased, the number of patients bringing legal action is rising exponentially. The trend here is that the lawyers are basing their lawsuits not so much on treatment errors as on inadequate patient information. The necessary reports by expert witnesses are obtained through the lawyers bringing criminal action against the treating physician, with the result that it is then the court that has to commission the corresponding expertises. Current court rulings seem to automatically see deficiencies in patient information as equivalent to a treatment error. So far, the NETWORK has not had to report any insurance claims to BASLER AG under the NETWORK insurance.

    Lecture by Dr. Rezai on the subject of Radiage™
    Dr. Rezai presented the new wrinkle-smoothing applicators of the familiar Surgitron radiofrequency device from the firm of Ellman. He is currently investigating the possibilities of cellulitis combination treatment and the smoothing of wrinkles after IL using this new, very favourably-priced radiofrequency application. As well as wrinkle therapy, the Ellman apparatus can also be used for many surgical applications. Thanks to the relatively low price of the device, the treatment costs can be significantly reduced for the patients.

    Lecture by Dr. van der Lugt on the subject of the complications protocol
    In her presentation, Dr. van der Lugt looked at the current situation with regard to complications. Although in relation to the total number of treatments there are still only very few complications documented, it is nevertheless necessary to be familiar with all the treatment options, to continue to look after the patient and not simply to refer him/her to a surgical colleague, because we have a whole range of non-operative options at our disposal that should be fully utilised first. Communication with the NETWORK should also be optimally managed in the event of any complication. Dr. van der Lugt and Dr. Hasengschwandtner have therefore developed a complication protocol in order to ensure as precise documentation as possible.

    Lecture by Dr. Reupke on the subject of IL and Cellulight/Purelift combination therapy
    The presentation by Dr. Reupke, which resulted, as expected, in controversial discussions, provided an introduction to the technique of solubilisation. This is a new, patented method that renders fatty substances permanently water-soluble and thus makes them available for the cells. On the basis of this process, Dr. Reupke has developed 2 creams (face and body) that give good grounds for expectation of being able to improve the results of IL still further. Dr. Reupke presented a study by Prof. Tronnier (Institute for Experimental Dermatology, Witten/Herdecke), the results of which allow a positive assessment. Whether the substances used by Dr. Reupke can be modified still further was one of the issues raised in the discussion. In keeping with its philosophy, the NETWORK is highly cautious about making recommendations, and we therefore arranged for an initial test round with Dr. Hasengschwandtner, Dr. Weidmann and Prof. Nor El-Din. All three testers report positive results and feedback from the patients. We have managed to convince the manufacturer, the firm Doc Beauty, of the need to widen the circle of testing physicians in order to gain a broader basis for a recommendation. For further questions or to order, please contact Mr. Kambanas, email kambanas@netzwerk-lipolyse.de.

    Lecture by Dr. Lettko on the subject of facial composition
    Dr. Lettko is a highly experienced user of aesthetic medicine. She attaches great importance to advising her patients comprehensively on facial composition using various techniques. The fine tuning of the various possibilities and the prior analysis of the face were the key aspects of Dr. Lettko’s presentation. With the aid of many pictures, she gave a highly sensitive introduction to the situation of the patients, detailed the main points of analysis and drew attention to the many different combination possibilities that are available to aesthetic physicians today.



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