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    Worldwide Physicians’ Network for Lipolysis and Aesthetic Medicine

    WELCOME toe the new NEWSLETTER of NETWORK-Lipolysis

    Dear reader

    Welcome to the first NETWORK-Lipolysis Newsletter 2010.

    Today we would like to inform you about new developments within the NETWORK, in Injection-Lipolysis Therapy and other minimal invasive aesthetic treatments.

    Enjoy yourself with the actual Newsletter.

    Newsletter EN No. 1 - 2010        

    In this edition, you can learn more about the following topics:
    Injection-Lipolysis Workshop in Frankfurt (GER) - 20 March
    PSM - Pain- & Side-Effect-Management for IL
    Aesthetic Mesotherapy - NEW protocol and compounds
    Product news + Special Offers
    Scheduled courses for 2010

    Enjoy reading!
    Dirk Brandl
    Dirk Brandl
    (Speaker NETWORK-Lipolysis)

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       Injection-Lipolysis Workshop in Frankfurt (GER), 20 March to top

    Theory and Practice of Injection-Lipolysis (HandsOn) in Frankfurt (GER) on 20 March 2010

    By now the NETWORK has trained and educated more than 1.800 physicians from 60 countries around the world. Some of them undertook great efforts to learn more about this exciting new therapy option coming to Frankfurt from far away places like Australia, Asia, the Far East or the US ... 


    Bild-WorkshopsIL is one of the fastest growing therapies in aesthetic medicine because it is easy to learn, cost effective for patients and doctors (no investments for devices are necessary) and very successful (if you use the scientific based NETWORK protocol).

    This workshop will be held by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner, the world's most experienced Lipolysis expert. He has done more than 12.000 own treatments, above 100 Lipolysis workshops, more than 50 Congress presentations about Lipolysis all over the world. He also published several scientific papers and articles on the subject. "Dr. Franz" is the medical and scientific director of the NETWORK-Lipolysis and the ISL - International Society for Lipolysistherapy.

    During the last 6 years the NETWORK developed the global successful therapy standard and has build up a support network of Compound Pharmacies and producers for its members. So the new NETWORK compound, available since 2010, is available in almost every country oft the world at the same high quality. The new compound development is based on two studies by the University of Regensburg (GER). They have proved the efficacy of the therapy in 2009. (Published PRSJ 8/09 - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal)

    In addition to standardized protocols and high quality compounds the NETWORK gives shelter to its members: by phone and email hotline; by a member's discussion forum; by an optional group insurance for IL; by patient information sheets; by regular member circulars.

    The NETWORK supports its members by various marketing material in several languages to inform your patients of your new skills and to create a quick and successful start in this therapy. The ISL homepage for patient information is now available in 8 languages to connect doctors and patients. The NETWORK's websites are visited by more than 80.000 users per month. Our physician search is frequently used to choose a local doctor for an IL treatment.

    REGITER NOW, come to Frankfurt and become a member by visiting the first of only two workshops in English language this year. Places are limited. The cost includes a full first-year-free membership. Frankfurt Airport is one main junktions in Europe and easy to reach from almost every city of the world. Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone to register for this unique education in theory and practice (HandsOn).

       PSM - Pain- & Side-Effect-Management for Injection-Lipolysis to top

    The ultimate concept against all side effects of Injection-Lipolysis.

    Another unique example of the ability of a living network to develop new and wonderful things. The NETWORK members have concentrated themselves on one important topic...


    ....the known side effects of Injection-Lipolysis which occur more or less intensely. The well known side effects are reddening, swelling, itching, burning, pain in the treated area and superficial and deep haematomas. The defined aim of the NETWORK expert group was to reduce all known side effects without affecting the result.

    On the NETWORK's members meeting in November 2009 the results of the expert group were presented by Dr. Schlossberger, Cologne, speaker of the expert commission.

    To infiltrate and disperse the injected substance a special ultrasound handheld device is used. A massage of 3-5 minutes directly after the treatment is necessary to improve the results. By using the US device the members have also developed a special after care gel (Skin Attitude) to reduce the reddening, the burning, the itching and make the patient feel more comfortable. The US gel contains substances for cooling, increasing the blood circulation, reduceing inflammatory effects and pain. The patient takes away a small tube of the gel for a 1 week after care at home.

    Additionally the patient gets capsules of a high dosed pineapple enzyme to take for a week to reduce swelling and haematomas. These 3 new tools in combination, US, Gel and Pineapple Enzyme, reduce the side effects by 70%.

    We have tested the new PSM protocol in selected practices and on the volunteers of our courses who have been treated before without PSM. The patient reactions were overwhelming and definite: without any exception all patients have reported about a far better condition directly after treatment.

       Aesthetic Mesotherapy - protocol and compounds to top

    Standardized protocol and compounds ready for use!

    The NETWORK-AestheticMeso - A huge step towards a standardization of Mesotherapy by the engagement and time-intensive work of the NETWORK physicians Dr. Michael J. Weidmann and Dr. Thomas Zimmermann......

    Meso-TherapieAt first the 2 physicians defined the indications for AM, which are a good target to produce good to very good results: Skin surface (MesoGlow), Skin retraction (MesoLift), Hairloss on female patients (MesoHair) and Cellulite treatment (MesoCell in combination with the NETWORK-Lipolysis 3-step treatment protocol). In the state of further examination the expert group is working on Acne and Melasma treatments.

    After making this limiting definition of acceptable indications the two dermatologists then developed standardized treatment protocols.The NETWORK training courses offer these protocols to all physicians who are treating Mesotherapy or are interested in getting into. One of the main goals is to leave the extreme range of individualized single protocols and mixtures to create comparability and repeatability of the results. Follow-up studies are planned in combination with a statistic examination of the results. This direction will lead from mystic to scientific and objective comparability.

    The next step in developing standardized protocols was creating mixtures together with pharmacists and chemists, beeing usable from the galenic point of view. The expert group had the fantastic idea to leave the personal mixing of formulas - which is common use in todays Mesotherapy - and developing ready made cocktails instead. Ready to use without any mixing process. This makes the whole treatment process very simple and saves treatment time.

    Last but not least Dr. Weidmann and Dr. Zimmermann have developed an education concept, which is clearly structured and built up on educational principles. The new training program makes AM very simple to learn.

    The two doctors do not treat the new protocols as the final solution but as a first step on the way to a worldwide standard for AM. Every doctor with experience in Mesotherapy is invited to cooperate with the NETWORK on the further development of these protocols and to contribute to the developement with own experience.

    The cocktails are exclusively produced for the NETWORK and will be available at the NETWORK shop soon. Please contact us for trainings in your country.

    You will find more informations HERE.

       Product news + Special Offers nach oben 

    Special offers during March!

    Visit our online shop for special offers:

    New!! Skin Attitude AfterCare Gel
    •  High quality needles for aesthetic medicine
    •  Microporation-System
    •  Hyaluronic Acid
    •  Multi-Injector
    •  Advertisingprice for Ultrasound handheld device

    and many more

    From member to member - 3 used devices:

    •  Pistor 4 meso gun
    •  TriPollar Radio Frequency - regen XL

    Do you have any more questions?
    Do you prefer orders by phone or Fax?
    We would be happy to be a help!


    Andreas Kambanas
    Tel: +49 - (0)2506 3061 914
    E-Mail: shop@netzwerk-lipolyse.de
    zum Shop:
       Scheduled courses for 2010 nach oben 
    Bild-Workshops   Forthcoming introductory workshops
      and academy courses....

      For programs and registration documents 
      please contact our Registrations Manager, Mr. Muechler
      +49 (0)25 06 / 30 61 922
    Introduction into Injection-Lipolyisis of NETWORK-Lipolysis

    27 February 2010

      Dortmund (GER) - course in German language

    20 March 2010

      Frankfurt (GER) - course in English language

    27 March 2010

      Ludwigsburg / Stuttgart (GER) - course in German language
      *** new course date ***
     Special location: "Schlosspark-Clinic"

    17 April 2010

      Frankfurt (GER) - course in German language

    24 April 2010

      Munich (GER) - course in German language

    8 May 2010

      Dortmund (GER) - course in German language

    3 + 4 June 2010

      Paguera (Mallorca), Spain (ES) - course in German language
      ... during the Aesthetic Holidays 2010

    Trainings for members

    5 + 6 June  2010

       Advanced course - Injection-Lipolysis (in German)
       Members Only!
       Paguera (Mallorca), Spain (ES) - course in German language
        ... during the Aesthetic Holidays 2010

    Globalhealth-Academy courses

    17 April 2010

    Aesthetic Mesotherapy  -  The NETWORK-Protocol
    (GER) - course in German language

    3 to 6 June 2010

    Aesthetic Holidays 2010
    A combination of basic and advanced courses on Injection-Lipolyisis and on Aesthetic Face Composition and on the Aesthetich Mesotherapy in a relaxed athmosphere.
    Mallorca (Paguera), Spain

    24 July 2010

    Skin surface treatments
    Treatment and restructure of the skin surface
    (GER) - course in German language

    28 August 2010

    Aesthetic Mesotherapy  -  The NETWORK-Protocol
    (GER) - course in German language

    23 October 2010

    Aesthetic Mesotherapy  -  The NETWORK-Protocol
    (GER) - course in German language

    For an Aesthetic Mesotherapy course in English language please show your interest by E-Mail or phone.
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