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    Worldwide Physicians’ Network for Lipolysis and Aesthetic Medicine


    Herzlich willkommen zum Newsletter des NETZWERK-Lipolyse

    Dear Reader,

    Once again, NETWORK-Lipolysis has been involved in lots of activities over the past few months that we look forward to sharing with you today. NETWORK-AestheticMeso is also very active and has developed new options that are sure to interest you.

    With this in mind, you may view the current newsletter as an easy way to brush up, during the holidays, on all the important innovations concerning minimally invasive treatments.

    I hope you find the newsletter an enjoyable read!

    Newsletter no. 2 - 2010        

    In this edition, you can learn more about the following topics:
    First presentation: findings of a lipolysis study, led by the ASAPS
    End of Novabel® supply
    ISAPS: Plastic Surgeons did more than 65,000 IL treatments
    Dr. Weidmann's article in "Kosmetische Medizin" no. 2.10
    "Aesthetic Holidays" - review and preview
    Sculptra® receives excellent ratings in a comparative study

    PPC warning

    Ready-made mixtures for aesthetic mesotherapy

    Lectures at conferences

    Scheduled courses

    Enjoy reading!
    Dirk Brandl

    Dirk Brandl
    (Speaker NETWORK-Lipolysis)

       Findings of a lipolysis study, led by the ASAPS
    to top

    Dr Leroy Young presents the findings of the ASAPS-led study ...

    At this year’s meeting of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in May, a 2-year study on injection lipolysis, which had already been approved by the FDA, was presented under the direction of Dr Leroy Young...

    The compounds required for the study were manufactured by MASTERPHARM LLC, NY; our partner pharmacy for the NETWORK PPC-DOC formula. Once again, this choice has reassured us that we have the right partner in MASTERPHARM. More than 20 patients have been treated by the physicians. All demonstrated measurable results and there were no serious side-effects. Leroy Young and his colleagues are currently working on a publication on their findings for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

    We will, of course, let you know as soon as this is available; keep your eyes on this space!

       End of Novabel® supply
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    Novabel® by Merz® is currently no longer available for delivery

    The recently introduced algae-based filler by Merz® is no longer available for delivery ...

    The recently introduced algae-based filler by Merz® is no longer available for delivery. Unfortunately, the concerns raised some time ago by our team of instructors about the possible lack of a treatment protocol for emerging complications, have been justified. One expert, for example, has stated that although he finds the basic approach very interesting, he does not wish to take on the risk of using Novabel® as a treatment method, because 1 or 2 patients with irreparable complications is already enough to cause major problems for his practice. It is commendable that the manufacturer has taken the decision not to distribute the product until a complications protocol has been developed.

        ISAPS: Plastic Surgeons did >65,000 IL treatments to top

    ISAPS: Plastic Surgeons treated more than 65,000 patients with Injection-Lipolysis

    The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has published the 2009 statistics ...

    In 2009 the Plastic Surgeons alone did more than 65,000 treatments with injection-lipolysis. In comparison to liposuction (1,600,000 treatments) IL shows a huge growth potential.

    In the future we expect a ratio of 80:20. IL is the first option for small fat deposits or in case when liposuction is uncomfortable for the patient like in facial treatments or dorsal bulges. Additionally for indications where IL is clearly the first choice (lipomata) and for patients who don't want to undergo surgery for aesthetic reasons.

    Top countries amongst the Plastic Surgeons are the US and Canada for IL treatments. If other faculties would be added we suppose Germany to be the No. 1 country for IL treatments.

    Visit the ISAPS website or download the PDF data sheet.

        Kosmetische Medizin publication no. 2.10 to top

    Publication by Dr Michael Weidmann in Kosmetische Medizin 2.10

    First presentation of the NETWORK-AestheticMeso treatment protocol ...

    In edition 2/2010 of Kosmetische Medizin, a lengthy article by Dr Weidmann on mesotherapy has been published, which provides experienced users with an easy-to-digest overview of the newly developed NETWORK treatment protocol on the indications for MesoLift, MesoGlow, MesoHair (hair loss) and MesoCellu (cellulite combination treatment - injection lipolysis and mesotherapy)

    Dr Weidmann invites all experienced users to take part in the further development of the protocol. Through standardised treatment protocols, the aim of the NETWORK is to use the data received from user observations for greater objectivity on treatment results.

       "Aesthetic Holidays" - review & preview
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    "Aesthetic Holidays" - A celebration for body and soul

    Compared to 25 physicians in June 2009, this year saw over 50 physicians take advantage of our German-speaking “Aesthetic Holidays” in Mallorca. During the 4-day break, the mornings were taken up with intensive work, while, in the afternoons, participants had the opportunity to explore leisure activities with family or colleagues ...
    Bilder AH 2010

    According to Dr Lutz Röhnert: "I took part in the Mallorca workshop for the first time in 2010, and I have to say I’m impressed! You have really managed to create a fine balance between work and leisure, which makes learning enjoyable. The afternoons spent with colleagues at the pool come highly recommended; that’s where the best tips for everyday work were ‘passed on’”.

    And this is just one of many positive responses we have received following the second “Aesthetic Holidays” in Mallorca. During the 4-day break, the mornings were taken up with intensive work, while, in the afternoons, participants had the opportunity to explore leisure activities with family or colleagues.

    Participants had the opportunity to choose from 8 different workshops. The evenings were used for the mutual exchange of ideas; for example, through both forums, or in connection with the much-discussed lecture by Dr Michael J. Weidmann on the subject of "Developments in Aesthetic Medicine 2010", which provided participants with an overview of all the latest developments.

    "Aesthetic Holidays" in the English language:
    Following the experiences and extremely positive feedback from German-speaking participants, we have decided to offer the “Aesthetic Holidays” to English-speaking parties too. We are currently at the stage of planning an event in Sharm El Sheikh from 4 to 6 March 2011. Through our compact yet intensive programme, it’s an opportunity to escape the dull time of year, to stock up on sunshine and to learn about/broaden your knowledge on aesthetic treatments.

    Those who are interested should contact us in good time. This year’s event was already fully booked 3 months in advance. Beforehand, English-speaking physicians are being offered the opportunity to take part in our course in Frankfurt at the beginning of December, where they can learn about the ‘NETWORK’ protocol on injection lipolysis.

    Further information is available HERE

        Sculptra® reiceives exellent ratings to top

    Sculptra® receives excellent ratings in a comparative study

    New study reveals very good results for nasolabial folds ...

    The results of Sculptra® and CosmoPlast® for the treatment of nasolabial folds have just been published in a multicentre comparative study. A total of 233 patients of all ages were treated, 116 with Sculptra® and 117 with CosmoPlast®. The results have already been reported on through the Medical News Today website (link), and can be found in detail in the online edition of the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. The results concern both the effectiveness, as well as the safety of both of the materials used. Sculptra® showed a significantly better effect than the collagen preparation. The effect lasted for 25 months.

       PPC warning to top

    PPC warning

    Many foreign products are not suitable for lipolysis ...


    We are repeatedly offered phosphatidylcholine products, which we would warn you against. Many indications suggest that these products could contain excessively high concentrations of deoxycholic acid, which, apart from severe side-effects, also causes severe pain. It is likely that some products also contain far too little phosphatidylcholine for successful lipolysis application.

    Some mixtures which are available on the market neutralise the cell-protective effect of the PPC and, apart from powerful side-effects, are unable to achieve any lipolytic effect. 

    The topic of product safety is of such paramount importance to us that NETWORK is planning, in the interest of physician and patient protection, to have all available products of this type reviewed by an independent German laboratory, and to make the findings available to our members.


      Ready-made mixtures for aesthetic mesotherapy to top

    New ready-made mixtures for aesthetic mesotherapy, in accordance with NETWORK protocol

    For the first four indications, the new ready-made mixtures; MesoGlow, MesoLift, MesoHair and MesoCellu, have been available through the NETWORK shop for the past 3 months. The compositions are the result of two years’ development work by dermatologists and experienced mesotherapy practitioners belonging to NETWORK-AestheticMeso ...


    Ästhetische MesotherapieAfter the test phase, the mixtures were released for widespread application. The purpose of these ready-made mixtures is to simplify (mixing of the individual substances is not required) and standardise treatment.

    Given that all users now use the same substances and protocols, and the same concentrations of active substances are used every time, results can be compared on a large scale for the first time in mesotherapy. So far, the feedback from users on the results and handling of the NETWORK protocol and mixtures is extremely positive. In addition, a non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (2%) with excellent viscosity qualities has been developed, which mixes very well and has been optimised for use in mesotherapy.

    The market price speaks for itself and is particularly agreeable. With our range of products designed by physicians for physicians, we consciously avoid any costly marketing gimmicks such as elaborately designed packaging, etc., which ultimately only serve to make the product more expensive. Test the mixtures for yourself and give us your own personal appraisal!

       Members take part in conferences to top

    If you wish to know more about lipolysis and aesthetic mesotherapy and would like additional information on the scientific background, there are various conferences taking place around the world where you can learn more about these treatments ...


    9th IQUAM Consensus Conference
    23-26 September 2010  -  Bratislava, Slowakia

    MR Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner
    Prof. Dr. Lukas Prantl


    6. Tegernsee Konferenz - Update-on-Dermatology
    22-24 October 2010 -  Bad Wiessee, Germany

    MR Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner
    Dr. Michael J. Weidmann


    9-12 December 2010  -  Dresden, Germany

    Dr. Michael J. Weidmann


    Quatar Health 2010
    10-15 December 2010 - Doha, Katar

    MR Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner
    Prof. Dr. Lukas Prantl
    Prof. Ahmed A. Nour-El-Din

       Scheduled courses to top

    Bild-Workshops Forthcoming introductory workshops and academy events....

      For programs and registration documents 
      please contact our Registrations Manager, Mr. Muechler
      +49 (0)25 06 / 30 61 922

    Introduction into Injection-Lipolyisis of NETWORK-Lipolysis

    18 September 2010

      Frankfurt, Germany (German language)

    23 October 2010

      Bad Wiessee - Tegernsee, Germany (German language)

    13 November 2010

      Dortmund, Germany (German language)

    4 December 2010

      Frankfurt, Germany (English and German language)


    25 September 2010

    Skin surface therapies
    Treating and restructuring of the skin surface

    Germany (German language)

    23 October 2010

    Aesthetisc Mesotherapy  -  The NETWORK-Protocol
    Bad Wiessee - near Munich, Germany
    (German language)

    4 to 6 March 2011

    "Aesthetic Holidays" 2011 (English language)

    A combination of basic and advanced courses on Injection-Lipolyisis and on Aesthetic Face-Composition and on the Aesthetic Mesotherapy in a relaxed athmosphere.

    Sharm El Sheikh (Sinai), EGYPT

    23 to 26 June 2011

    "Aesthetic Holidays" 2011 (German Language)

    A combination of basic and advanced courses on Injection-Lipolyisis and on Aesthetic Face-Composition and on the Aesthetic Mesotherapy in a relaxed athmosphere.

    Mallorca (Baleares), SPAIN

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