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    Worldwide Physicians’ Network for Lipolysis and Aesthetic Medicine


    Herzlich willkommen zum Newsletter des NETZWERK-Lipolyse

    Dear Reader,

    This year, 2010, has seen further rapid development in the field of injection lipolysis. Many important steps for optimizing the therapy and strengthening its place in aesthetic medicine have been achieved by numerous members of NETWORK-Lipolysis.

    The new aesthetic mesotherapy protocol and the ready-made mixtures developed by our expert group around Dr. Michael Weidmann have received a positive reception, with their effects in some cases being given euphoric ratings.

    The NETWORK has also been able to establish important cooperations for even more efficient therapy development, which in the coming years will hopefully lead to innovative products or to improvements in the protocol. Seen as a whole, 2010 was a good year for the consolidation of the NETWORK.

    In today’s circular, we have once again limited ourselves to important information relating to the therapy, which we are pleased to offer in summarized form.   

    With best regards from the NETWORK Team

    Newsletter no. 3 - 2010        

    In this edition, you can learn more about the following topics:
    Quality and risks of PPC injectables
    4 new publications
    Aesthetic Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh, 2011
    Initial experience with the new Meso protocol
    Non-member practitioners at higher risk!

    Presence at lipolysis/mesotherapy congresses

    Course dates

    Enjoy reading!
    Dirk Brandl

    Dirk Brandl
    (Speaker NETWORK-Lipolysis)

       Quality and Risks of PPC Injectables
    to top

    The NETWORK has examined and tested PPC-DOC injectables ...

    ... that are available on the market and only considers 3 commercially produced PPC products suitable for use in injection lipolysis.

    These are: Lipostabil N, Germany; Lipobean, South Korea; Essentiale N, Ukraine.

    Laboratory analysis of other products intended for use in mesotherapy showed the PPC content to deviate significantly from the information printed on the label; our experts therefore regard these products as less effective or ineffective, or in some cases as downright dangerous

    We offer our members the possibility to purchase all the products and materials needed for the therapy either from our NETWORK compound pharmacy partners or directly through the NETWORK itself.

    For more detailed information, contact:

    Mr. Kambanas on telephone +49-2506-30619-14, or
    Mr. Benwich on telephone: +49-2506-30619-32
    Email: shop@network-globalhealth.com

       4 New Publications
    to top

    1. Lipolysis is the lead topic in the latest issue of the German dermatological journal Hautarzt.
      Dr. Klaus Hoffmann, of Ruhr University, Bochum, has written a clear and very well-substantiated article on the subject of injection lipolysis.
      The new issue of the journal Hautarzt, which is published by Springer Verlag, has chosen injection lipolysis as its lead topic. The summary by author Dr. Klaus Hoffmann reads as follows: "With injection lipolysis, a further minimally invasive therapy has established its place in aesthetic medicine. IL can be used for both medical and aesthetic issues and has proved itself to be a useful option for physicians working in the aesthetic field.
      Thorough training is essential, and membership of a therapist group is recommended due to the “off-label use”. Further developments, such as initial recognition for subcutaneous applications, are anticipated. Studies of this kind are known to be in progress in the USA and to be planned in Europe.”
      (Hautarzt 2010 • 61:847–855). u

    2. Initial study on combination therapies
       NETWORK members Dr. Moga and Dr. Marechal have presented an initial study into the combination of injection lipolysis with the low-frequency ultrasound device from Utrilog/Osmolipocel (30 KHtz).
      The results obtained by the two authors will be published in the near future in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. Here, we can already present a brief summary: A total of 50 patients were treated, divided into 3 groups: Group 1 was treated with ultrasound only, Group 2 with injection lipolysis only, and Group 3 with a combination of both. The reduction in the deposits of fat was significantly greater in Group 3 than in the other two groups, with side-effects

    3. Publication by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner in Kosmetische Medizin 5.10
      First objective fat reduction measurement using the Dexa method
      The latest issue of Kosmetische Medizin includes publication of an interesting article by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner entitled "OBJECTIVE MEASUREMENTS OF THE BODY COMPOSITION AFTER INJECTION LIPOLYSIS WITH POLYENYLPHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE USING THE DEXA-METHOD (DUAL-ENERGY X-RAY-ABSORPTIOMETRY)".
      This is the first publication describing a method for objectively identifying a fat deposit reduction in vivo. Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner has now achieved this with the assistance of his radiologists.

    4. NETWORK member Dr. Bernard Môle has published his 5-year experience with PPC-DOC injections at "Annales de chirurgie plastique esthétique"
      Dr. MoleHere is Dr. Môle's Summary: "Instead the fact that chemical lipolysis through phosphatidylcholine injections really works, this procedure eliminating limited fat deposits remains confidential in France. Inconstant results, necessity to repeat injections, unclear legacy may explain that this very basic procedure remains unsuccessful. We have proceeded to lipolysis injections for five years on a very limited number of patients: in our hands, it may be efficient on puffy cheeks, double chin,superficial cellulitis, liposuction and lipofilling sequellaes. Eyelid bags may also be considered but not recommended. On the other hand, chemical lipolysis cannot compete with liposuction. We have not noticed any drawbacks or complications which confirm the lipolysis network practitioners’ opinion in more than 1000 users."
      Môle B: La lipolyse chimique sous-cutanée par la phosphatidylcholine: une expérience de cinq années. Ann Chir Plast Esthet (2010), doi: 10.1016/j.anplas.2010.08.005

        Aesthetic Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh, 2011 to top

    The programme has been finalized, and we welcome your registrations immediately

    The first International Aesthetic Holidays will be taking place from 11-13 March 2011 in Sharm El-Sheikh ...

    Over a period of 3 days, you can attend our interesting and - as always - independent courses in the mornings and evenings, while the afternoons are free for relaxation, leisure activities or talking to colleagues. NETWORK members are offered special reduced terms. There is only one price for the event; the choice of courses is up to you.

    “Aesthetic Holidays” is an innovative training concept, combining training with recreation, and allowing plenty of time and opportunity for the private exchange of ideas and opinions between international experts. The comprehensive training (basic and/or advanced) in several minimally invasive therapies in both theory and practice (hands-on), compressed into a period of 3 days, offers the possibility of virtually completely independent training in the field of aesthetics.
    Select your individual training programme from the following courses:

    • Injection-Lipolysis Basic Course
    • Injection-Lipolysis Advanced Course - for members only
    • Aesthetic Mesotherapy Advanced - New Protocol
    • Face Composition Advanced - Combined Botulinum Toxin A, Filler & Peelings
    • Vita-Balance Cure - The New Anti Aging Treatment Protocol
    • Aesthetic News 2011- New Developments
    • Lipo Lasers - New Developments
    • Ultrasound Devices for Fat Reduction - New Developments
    • Quality and Risks of Phosphatidylcholine Injectables

    The lectures and training courses will be presented by International Experts:

    • Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner, Director Scientific & Medical Advisory Board NETWORK-Lipolysis
    • Drs. Claudia van der Lugt, Deputy Medical Director Medical Advisory Board NETWORK-Lipolysis
    • Dr. Michael J. Weidmann, Specialist in Dermatology, Director of NETWORK- AestheticMeso, Member of the German Expert Commission on Botulinum Toxins
    • Dr. Klaus Hoffmann, Ruhr University, Bochum, Dept. of Dermatology, GER
    • Prof. Ahmed Nour El-Din, University of Cairo, National Representative and Trainer NETWORK-Lipolysis

    To secure your place on the programme, please register in good time because the number of participants in this exclusive event is strictly limited. The last Aesthetic Holidays (June 2010) were sold out months in advance. 
    further information and program: here

    registration contact:
    Uwe Muechler
    telephone: +49 2506 3061-922
    fax: +49 2506 3061-909.

        Initial experience with the new Meso protocol to top

    The ready-made mixtures developed by our doctors for the NETWORK-AestheticMeso are becoming firmly established

    The advantages they offer are simply too great ...

    Within the NETWORK, we finally have comparable results that we can collect and evaluate. An initial survey of members is scheduled for the end of 2010. In face-to-face discussions with physicians who use the mixtures - including non-members - their quality is rated more than positively. The composition of the products is defined according to strict scientific specifications. The 2% (20 mg) non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid developed within the NETWORK is also enjoying a good reception because, thanks to its low viscosity, it has very good mixing properties for use in other formulations, and is also very favourably priced.

    For mesotherapy uses, most members gave top marks to a compressor gun, the Dermatic 1.
    The NETWORK is currently organizing a group order. Most of the price benefit gained by a group order is passed on to members and non-members. If you are interested in purchasing this highly effective compressor gun, the NETWORK can include inquiries for the compressor gun that are received by 28 November. The Dermatic 1 can be briefly characterized as follows: High-pressure compressor gun; aluminium housing; very low noise; only the cannula moves, not the syringe; easy to handle; no maintenance required; through injection stop, virtually no injection fluid loss; contemporary, high-quality design.

    Further information in the Online-Shop
    or from Mr. Kambanas (kambanas@netzwerk-lipolyse.de)

       Non-member practitioners at higher risk!
    to top

    In lipolysis treatment, non-member practitioners are at higher risk!

    Because of the off-label use, it is essential to work to a proven treatment protocol ...   

    Because it seems so simple, many non-member users still feel qualified to offer their patients injection lipolysis treatment. In doing so, they sometimes unknowingly take serious risks which are avoided only through good luck. Many are unaware that if complications or claims from patients occur, they are walking on very thin ice. The list of possible risks ranges from inadequate patient information regarding off-label use, to severe complications in the case of evident treatment errors, or deficiencies in the medication used. The NETWORK Medical Advisory Board has developed a complication and communication management approach in order to offer our members the best possible assistance and support if things should go wrong.

    Doctors sometimes unknowingly use ready-made PPC-DOC formulations which in the view of our experts are unsuitable for application in injection lipolysis (see also topic 1 of this issue). On the basis of independent laboratory analysis, we give our members clear recommendations concerning PPC in order to protect them from poor results and side-effects. Membership of a worldwide group of therapists therefore offers some degree of security.

    In order to increase patient safety and satisfaction, a pain and side-effect management system has been developed by a number of members. This is able to significantly lessen the initial side-effects without diminishing the effectiveness of the treatment.

    Studies commissioned by the NETWORK show that a good deal of knowledge already exists into how the therapy works, but there is still an ongoing need for intensive research in order to achieve objective, valid results

       Presence of lipolysis/mesotherapy at congresses to top

    In the course of this year, numerous NETWORK members have once again given scientific or practical presentations of injection lipolysis at international congresses ...

    IQUAMArguably the most important highlight in 2010 was the 9th IQUAM Consensus Conference in Bratislava, which is concerned with quality and ethics in the field of aesthetic medicine. Prof. Lukas Prantl of Regensburg University presented the results of 2 studies which have, for the first time, demonstrated the effectiveness of lipolysis on living fat cells in vitro, and in animal trials in vivo. Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner, medical and scientific director of the NETWORK, was able to present some impressive results of statistical therapy evaluations, including the new NETWORK Lipolysis Report.

    In 2010, there will be one more lipolysis poster, 1 workshop and 1 paper on mesotherapy at the Cosmoderm ESCAD event (9-12 Dec.) in Dresden, as well as presentations by Prof. Nour El-Din of Cairo University and Dr. Hasengschwandtner at the 12th Conference of Pan Arab Association Congress of Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic, & Burn Surgery, (11-15 Dec.) in Doha.



    9-12 December 2010  -  Dresden, Germany

    Dr. Michael J. Weidmann

    12th Conference of Pan Arab Association & Congress of Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic, & Burn Surgery
    10-15 December 2010 - Doha, Katar

    MR Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner
    Prof. Ahmed A. Nour-El-Din

       Course dates to top

    Bild-Workshops Forthcoming introductory workshops and academy events....

      For programs and registration documents 
      please contact our Registrations Manager, Mr. Muechler
      +49 (0)25 06 / 30 61 922

    Introduction into Injection-Lipolyisis of NETWORK-Lipolysis

    15 January 2011

      Münster, Germany (German language)

    5 February 2011

      Ludwigsburg, Germany (German language)

    26 February 2011

      Frankfurt, Germany (German language)

    11 March 2011

      Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (English language)


    6 February 2011

    Aesthetisc Mesotherapy  -  The NETWORK-Protocol
    Ludwigsburg - near Stuttgart, Germany
    (German language)

    11 to 13 March 2011

    "Aesthetic Holidays" 2011 (English language)
    A combination of basic and advanced courses on Injection-Lipolyisis and on Aesthetic Face-Composition and on the Aesthetic Mesotherapy in a relaxed athmosphere.
    Sharm El Sheikh (Sinai), EGYPT

    23 to 26 June 2011

    "Aesthetic Holidays" 2011 (German language)
    A combination of basic and advanced courses on Injection-Lipolyisis and on Aesthetic Face-Composition and on the Aesthetic Mesotherapy in a relaxed athmosphere.
    Mallorca (Baleares), SPAIN

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