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    Lipolysis News

    07.08.09 13:30

    M.A.S.T.E.R.-Conference 2009 FAT - Concept for the aesthetic session finalized

    Here you will find a review about the aesthetic session of the Conference....

    How can fat pads be treated? What kind of different methods and techniques you can use in the surgical, minimal invasive and non invasive field? And what kind of combinations are acceptable?
    The M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference 2009 „FAT“ not only wishes to focus on the evidenced based science of fat but also wants to introduce into the multiple options which are offered by aesthetic medicine.
    Specialists of all disciplines have accepted our invitation to speak at the conference: Prof. Dr. Kesselring, one of the inventors of liposuction and well known plastic surgeon from Switzerland, will speak about the different surgical options including the discussion about the most advanced techniques like highfrequency liposuction. Prof. Steinert from Germany will have a lecture about the multiple ultrasound devices which offer fat reduction and can confuse physicians and patients.
    Dr. van der Lugt, NL, will focus on radiofrequency devices for fat reduction, Dr. Joshua Berkowitz, UK, will give a survey about the newest Lipolaser generation and, last but not least, Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner, our conference president from Austria, will speak about Injection-Lipolysis therapy.



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