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    Lipolysis News

    24.02.09 13:51

    IMCAS 2009

    NETWORK member Dr. Michael J. Weidmann, Augsburg, has kindly provided us with a summary of what he sees as the most important developments at this year’s IMCAS that are emerging for 2009 ...

    For me as a visitor, this year’s IMCAS was, compared to many other events, one congress that was well worth visiting. There are many new developments emerging in the field of aesthetic medicine which I would like to briefly describe below.

    1 – Development of aesthetic medicine in the face of the financial crisis
    There are clear indications that some smaller firms are already being massively hit by the effects of the current crisis. On the whole, however, a further increase in the volume of aesthetics treatments is expected. It would interest me to know whether my colleagues are already observing any impact on their patient numbers. I would welcome brief communications from different countries on this point.

    2 – Development of new botulin toxins
    Things are happening on the botox market. It is expected that several suppliers will be offering Btx in future. The new product from Mentor with the product name PurTox was presented. Unfortunately, Mentor has not been able to provide hard evidence for any clear advantages, e.g. longer shelf life, through studies. But there are almost certain to be changes on the price front.

    3 – Filling treatment of the face and body with hyaluronic acid

    Especially for the facial area, there are numerous new studies covering periods of 1 to 2 years. In the filler sector, a massive increase in the market is anticipated. It was noticeable that the majority of exhibitors came from this field. As users, we can expect many of the firms to try and place their products on the European market in the coming months.

    4 – Fractioned lasers
    Here, CO2 lasers seem to be becoming increasingly established as the standard. A seminar on side-effects made it very clearly that sound training in this area is essential.

    5 – Development of collagen stimulators
    As well as a slight increase in volume, collagen stimulators, e.g. ß-HCG, also bring about an improvement in the skin structure. It remains to be seen how this sector will develop in future. Some encouraging initial activities are already in progress.

    6 – Ultrasound and radio frequency therapy
    Numerous ultrasound and radio frequency devices for treating cellulite and reducing fatty tissue are a clear indication of the demand from the market, though so far there have been no genuinely convincing studies in this area. Of interest is the development of a fractioned radio frequency for the facial area.

    7 – New methods for administering hyaluronic acid
    In principle, the administration of hyaluronic acid over a large area of the face by means of compressed air is a highly interesting method; however, the before & after pictures and the down time were not wholly convincing.

    8 – Injection lipolysis
    There were once again a very large number of papers on injection lipolysis at this year’s event. One negative aspect was that they were spread over the whole period of the congress and occurred in several different topic areas. The lectures, e.g. the one given by Dr. Hasengschwandtner, were very well attended and showed the continuing interest in this therapy. It was also noticeable that the critical voices of former years have almost fallen silent.



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