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    Lipolysis News

    12.08.10 13:15

    ISAPS: Plastic Surgeons treated more than 65,000 patients with Injection-Lipolysis

    The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has published the 2009 statistics...more

    The Plastic Surgeons alone have treated in 2009 more than 65,000 patients with injection-lipolysis. In comparison to liposuction (1,600,000 treatments) IL shows a huge growth potential.
    In the future we expect a ratio of 80:20. IL is the first option for small fat depots or when liposuction is uncomfortable for the patient like in facial treatments or dorsal bulges. Add also indications where IL is clearly the first choice (lipomata) and patients who don't want to undergo surgery for aesthetic reasons.
    Top countries amongst the Plastic Surgeons are the US and Canada for IL treatments. If other faculties would be added Germany probably would be the No. 1 country with IL treatments.
    Download PDF data sheet



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