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    Lipolysis News

    15.04.10 13:10

    FDA Warning against 6 Spas

    Spas Warned of False, Misleading Claims About FatMelting Injections...more

    True: We reject any way to earn short term money with this therapy. Untrained or improperly trained doctors and nurses have brought these alternative treatments into disrepute and created serious complications from their ignorance.

    Not true: On the subject of injection lipolysis now more than 50 scientific publications are available. Some are done on a large scale and include double-blind studies. Therefore scientific evidence is given which defines the new therapy injection lipolysis as an effective therapy with good safety and a low side effect profile as long as the doctors have undergone skilful corresponding training.
    Note that it is legal in the US for a physician to write a prescription for his patient. A pharmacist who is able to compound the formula can produce the mixture.
    The effects of PPC-DOC are known since a very long time (more than 30 years), the drug is registered in Germany for treating fat embolism, in many other countries for liver treatments. The effects of injectiong subcutaneous into fat are observed by the NETWORK since 2004. We have collected data from our members about efficacy and safety. We kindly ask the FDA to have a look at this data.
    The NETWORK analyzes continually all products on the market or from compounding pharmacies. There are huge differences. We warn our members not to use compounds which are not safe. The NETWORK works together with a number of compounding pharmacies in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Israel and the US.
    Many studies included safety as an important aspect of the therapeutic approach. More than 100,000 treatments in total have been documented. The rate of more serious complications is 0.0017%. Compared to many other therapies the complication rate can be called extremely low. Death cases caused by injection lipolysis are not yet known.
    See the FDA warning video



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