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    Lipolysis News

    19.01.10 17:30

    Patients react enthusiastic on the NETWORK PSM Management

    The NETWORK members have developed a special protocol for the reduction of the known side effects of Injection-Lipolysis treatments....more

    Since one year the NETWORK members are working on the further improvement of the NETWORK protocol. One of the goals of our development strategy was to increase the comfort for injection-lipolysis patients. The doctors have dealt with the following well-known side effects of the treatment: swelling, bruising, burning, itching and pain occurring in some patients after treatment.
    The now developed "Pain and Side Effect Management (PSM) was first used in particular in patients who had already received treatment without PSM, and therefore were able to compare the effects of both treatment protocols. We were more than surprised by the unanimous vote of all patients: all of the side effects could be greatly reduced without reducing the treatment success!
    On the MASTER Conference FAT PSM has been presented for the first time and is now introduced to our members.



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