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NETWORK-Lipolysis Support

An overview of NETWORK-Lipolysis support


The administrative support of NETWORK-Lipolysis can be divided into four main aspects:

training, research, legal security and general support


At first, acquisition of know-how during the workshop is to the fore. As important documentation of the received qualification, you will be issued with a certificate, confirming your training in lipodissolve injections. As far as possible, we try to achieve CME certification from the national board of health of the respective country. You will also receive a certificate of your membership in the ISL – International Society of Lipolysistherapy.

The annual Lipolysis-Report contains the processed information obtained from the follow-up study forms (completed treatments). You should be aware that your assistance in NETWORK-Lipolysis is highly appreciated in this matter. For participating in the follow-up study, you are provided with two materials: the follow-up study form and the patient after-care card. On the back of the after-care card, the patient himself/herself can fill in any side-effects as and when they occur, and giving it back to you at his/her next treatment session. This data can be transferred to the follow-up study form in seconds. Please take the few minutes needed to fill in the form for every patient. NETWORK-Lipolysis is only equipped to act in an optimal way with your assistance.


Your activity can have a strong influence on the development of NETWORK-Lipolysis. In addition to the Lipolysis Report, you have the possibility to participate in one of our research groups from today on. The NETWORK moderates and supports these activities. If interested, please contact the speaker of the research group you want to join directly, or contact Dirk Brandl, one of the speakers of NETWORK-Lipolysis, by email at brandl@network-lipolysis.com.

National framework

In Germany, use of Lipostabil N ® by a treating physician is an off-label use. Lipostabil N ® is an approved drug in Germany.

In other countries, therefore, we follow a different path: The physician prescribes a compound, manufactured by a NETWORK authorized pharmacist, to the patient. This way is possible for any physician in any country. We have a close cooperation with Compound-Pharmacies in the Netherlands, Australia, USA, Egypt and Israel which produce a high quality compound kit for us containing all ingredients of the NETWORK's compound.

Physicians liability insurance

We have only limited influence on national insurance companies. We are dependent on your assistance in this matter. Please submit our forms to your indemnity insurance company and ask for cover for this therapy. Vitally important: Please inform us as soon as your application has been accepted and give us the name of your insurer. In the case of refusal, please also inform us accordingly.

Lipolysis Insurance for European members

➢ With a Premium Gold Card membership NETWORK members could get a Lipolysis insurance. The group policy covers third-party liability as well as legal protection insurance for criminal prosecution for all EU states plus Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Recognition as CME

We try to obtain approval from the local medical association in the country where the workshop is taking place. This applies especially to the USA.

Admission to the "NETWORK's list of physicians" and link to own homepage

➢ The NETZWERK offers all members a personal listing as a lipolysis-trained physician on the international homepages (with name, address, photo, CV, link to member’s own homepage). Already today, and by the time you return home from the workshop, we will have installed the link. If you have not yet sent us your picture and CV, please do so as soon as possible. Experience has shown that patients are much more likely to contact doctors with a picture and whose CV is displayed.

Publication possibilities in the public domain

➢ This homepage consists of two areas. You have the possibility to publicise your impressions and perceptions in the public area of our website. The more lively and interesting the public area is, the more patients will feel a loyalty to the NETWORK. For more information, please contact Dirk Brandl, brandl@network-lipolysis.com.

Access to protected members site and member forum

➢ In addition, there is also an internal members site. Access to this is only possible with the user name and the password issued by us. This site provides all important information on the composition of the compound, dosages for the individual regions, innovations, effects, side-effects, intermediate and final results. New or revised forms can also be downloaded from the site. Finally, the site offers a forum for the direct exchange of information and experience between colleagues.


Starter kit

➢ Attending the workshop You will receive a starter kit. This comprises neutral information leaflets for your patients about lipodissolve injections, Lipolysis Passes, After Care Cards and two designs of Multiinjectors.

Provision of patient information material

➢ „NETWORK at site“: This is concerned with information for patients. As a physician, you are not allowed to advertise. We, as NETWORK-Lipolysis, have therefore developed information material for your practice as follows:

• Flyer "Patient information". Available in German, English, Dutch, Turkish, French, Greek and Italian. In preparation: Spanish

• Posters. Available in German, English, Dutch, Turkish and Italian. In preparation: French, Spanish

• Lipolysis passport. Available in German, English, Dutch, Turkish and Italian. In preparation: French, Spanish

• After-care card. Available in German, English. In preparation: French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish and Italian

• Large banner with stand. The banner is like the one we use in the workshop. The text can be adjusted on request. The stand can be acquired separately, as well.

PowerPoint presentations for patient information events

➢ „ NETWORK at site“: On request, the NETZWERK can give support for patient information events, where you as the speaker can contact potential patients directly. We have designed a PowerPoint presentation for patient information events, which is individualised for you as the host of the event.

Folder with before and after photos

➢ You can purchase a ring binder containing 25 before and after photos.

Medical Advisory Board and hotline

➢ The NETWORK has founded a “Medical Advisory Board”. The purpose of this is to define the valid standard for the therapy, to examine treatment variations notified by members, to review and comment on new publications on the subject, and to clarify questions asked by members or patients.

Modes of communication

➢ Usually, physicians don't have “sales conversations” with their patients. Nevertheless, you may want to inform your own patients about lipolysis therapy. For your assistance, we have created some modes of communication. You can use them for exploring the interests of the relevant patients in a free and easy manner. These modes can be found find inside your folder.

Patient information homepages in national languages

➢ Under the umbrella of ISL (International Society of Lipolysistherapy), we have designed special patient information websites, provided in the national languages and listing the national NETWORK physicians.

➢ Currently existing websites:

• Germany

• Austria

• Switzerland

• United Kingdom

• Ireland


• Australia

• Italy

• Turkey

Further homepages are in preparation.





The NETWORK has presented its work at this years Intercharm in Moscow. Dr. Natalja Reich, certified NETWORK trainer, held an interesting lecture before the auditorium.

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