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    News-Archive 2003

    21.10.03 13:42

    Reactions from the Field of Mesotherapy

    Many many thanks to the lot of readers of this homepage enriching us with more and more thorough information about this topic.

    It is particularly one e-mail I want to emphasize here because it throws a new light on Lipodissolve. In the field of alternative medicine, there exists a therapeutic procedure called mesotherapy. For this therapeutic approach, the active substance phosphatidylcholine has been used for many years by setting multiple micro-syringes into the SKIN. The administered substances distribute themselves by means of diffusion processes as well as via vascular and lymphatic structures. In the last instance, this is a “matrix therapy” of the connective tissue. And now the e-mail I would like to publish with the permission of the sender:

    Dear Sir,
    I have read with great interest your efforts to research Phosphatidylcholine use in fat-dissolve procedures. It is positive that these efforts are taking place, especially in your country which is highly respected in medical sciences. There is one comment I wish to make as to your efforts of self-application to yourself and colleagues to see whether Phosphatidylcholine would work or not, and your notice of change on yourself but not on 2 of your colleagues: Phosphatidylcholine works faster on 'watery' or 'liquidy' fat while it can be very slow and even insignificant to work on solid or more heavy fat deposits. On heavy fat deposits, the methods of MESOTHERAPY to encourage circulation to the areas are sometimes applied in alternate treatments of Phosphatidylcholine. Because the body structure decides different results in various people, the Brazilians use different methods (sometimes diluting Phosphatidylcholine with other substances) for different cases. Our own staff has used Phosphatidylcholine on very solid, difficult stomach fat. Although actual fat loss has been very slow, one remarkable difference have occurred: the fat area is smooth and all unevenness from fat and cellulite is gone. The staff also reported that she has more energy, has reduced depression and is more mentally allert after four weeks of Phosphatidylcholine. Side effects were nautia, swelling and minor ache in the areas where injections were applied. You may be interested in applying some of these reports in your questionair to see whether more people experience the same reduction in depression, etc, as our staff.
    Sincerely, J Meyer

    Dr. Hasengschwandtner




    Workshop participants learning Lipolysis theory

    Practical Workshop demonstration

    Dr. Franz, chairman of NETWORK-Lipolysis, shows treatment regions during a workshop

    Practical Workshop demonstration

    Claus Peter Meissner, NETWORK-Lipolysis Trainer shows a face treatment on a model during the practical part.

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