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    News-Archive 2003

    08.10.03 13:14

    Subject: SAT 1, File 41, Contribution to Lipodissolve on Oct. 07, 2003

    Broadcast estimation of 07.10.2003

    Unfortunately, the presentation of Lipodissolve Injections had been distorted to a certain degree.

    Anyone who believes to be able to reduce fat deposits with success after only one treatment by means of the injection technique presented by Dr. Sattler – a technique giving evidence of total lack of knowledge and refusal of the treatment form – is on the wrong track.

    The use of phosphatidylcholine is successful when applying a subtle injection technique with smallest syringes and multiple injections during which a defined quantity of the active substance is directly injected into the fat tissue. In this connection it is to be noted that this treatment must be made at least three to six times in the pre-defined intervals. One single injection session can only be regarded as trial without any value.

    When used correctly, the injected fatty acids destroy the cell walls of the fat cells and the fat deposited in the intercellular space emulsifies (because it is made water-soluble). Due to this impact, fat can reach the liver via the blood vessels and lymph channels and subjected to metabolism there.

    Dr. Hasengschwandtner




    Workshop participants learning Lipolysis theory

    Practical Workshop demonstration

    Dr. Franz, chairman of NETWORK-Lipolysis, shows treatment regions during a workshop

    Practical Workshop demonstration

    Claus Peter Meissner, NETWORK-Lipolysis Trainer shows a face treatment on a model during the practical part.

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