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    News-Archive 2003

    03.09.03 13:48

    New Member in the NETWORK-Lipolysis

    On September 01, 03, we received the following e-mail from Dr. Hasengschwandtner of Austria, and we were very lucky about it:

    Dear Colleagues,

    In December of last year, I took part in a workshop about Lipodissolve with phosphatidylcholine in San Jose, Costa Rica. Like you, I treated myself at the belly and achieved some really visible results. Then, with much care, I began to treat gluteofemoral adiposity of a female employee, also with a good result. All in all, I have now carried out approx. 20 successful experiments with the patients’ consents: about 50% had belly wrinkles below the navel, and the other 50% had gluteofemoral adiposity, and all of them were treated with really satisfactory results. I now consider to clarify the legal situation with the Medical Chamber and – if green light is given – to offer these injections to a greater circle of persons.

    What about you? Did you experience or did you hear anything about negative results? What about the legal situation with you?

    In the U.S.A., too, the Medical Societies for plastic surgery initially argued with vehemence against this treatment but meanwhile I have heard about several clinics using phosphatidylcholine with success against love handles and buttocks fat. Even after a thorough research in the Internet, also in the Spanish-speaking area, I have not heard anything about side effects.

    I would enjoy it very much to maintain continuous contacts to you.

    With kind and loyal regards from Austria

    Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner

    Meanwhile, we had a telephone conversation with Dr. Hasengschwandtner and asked him to take part in this forum with his contributions and to accompany the patients’ follow-up as another person, if he wanted. Dr. Hasengschwandtner agreed because he wants to have a critical but positive look at Lipodissolve Injections.

    From now on, Dr. Hasengschwandtner will take part in the NETWORK-Lipolysis with his own contributions and feel himself responsible as medical consultant. Please note the newly integrated contributions. In future, the articles will be marked with dates and names.

    The Editors




    Workshop participants learning Lipolysis theory

    Practical Workshop demonstration

    Dr. Franz, chairman of NETWORK-Lipolysis, shows treatment regions during a workshop

    Practical Workshop demonstration

    Claus Peter Meissner, NETWORK-Lipolysis Trainer shows a face treatment on a model during the practical part.

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