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    2. International Congress of Injection-Lipolysis - Paris 2005

    Congress Feedback

    Dear Dr Franz

    It was good to see you in Paris again - Congratulations on an excellent meeting. Sorry I could not stay for dinner but such is life. Thank you again

    Kind Regards

    Tahera Bhojani-Lynch

    Network Member UK


    Dear Dirk and Ulrich,

    Thank you for hosting a wonderful meeting! It was excellent, with a large attendance and much interest in new developments. I was able to meet some very interesting physicians. Meetings like this are good at stimulating new thoughts and ideas; the network concept is so much better than the hierarchy structure that the US organizations currently use.

    Thanks again for an excellent meeting,

    Diane Duncan


    Dear Mr. Bunzek,

    Congratulation for the success of the 2nd conference. Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Dr. Brian Hong

    Network Member South Korea


    Dear Dirk,

    We were very pleased to join you this week-end, I was very touched by all your welcome words and my heart and mind are full of positive impressions since then.

    My best regards, Yvona Ostojic


    Dear Dirk,

    Thank you, I enjoyed meeting everyone and found the conference excellent and very useful. The network is really developing in a most professional manner and now has some really well respected expert doctors from around the world as members. This gives us ever greater credibility with the medical profession. The ongoing research projects arranged and funded by the network are exactly what we need for this treatment to become accepted worldwide. The transparency of the accounts presented by Ulrich was very commendable and certainly more than justifies our membership fees.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Palmer

    Network Representative of UK


    I have not stopped talking about the Network after returning to New York.The great results and the great cordiality is greatly appreciated.

    Dr. Hector Rodriguez

    Network Member USA



    2nd International Congress of Injection-Lipolysis

    26. November 2005, Paris






    Words of Welcome/Begrüßung

    Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner



    Lecture 1

    Development of the Therapy Standard 2005 / Entwicklung des Therapiestandards 2005

    Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner




    Lecture 2

    Precision in Injection Lipolysis / Genauigkeit bei der Therapie

    Diane Irvine Duncan M.D., FACS

    Member NETWORK Medical Advisory Board




    Lecture 3

    Ultrasound Visualization &

    Documentation of the Therapy Procedure / Ultraschall Visualisierung und Dokumentation der Therapie

    Results of the Research Group/Resultate der Forschungsgruppe

    Dr. Wojciech Norek, Austria

    Speaker NETWORK Research Group




    Lecture 4

    Combination-Therapies of Facial Treatments/ Kombinationstherapien bei Gesichtsbehandlungen

    Dr. Doris Grablowitz, Austria

    President of EACS, NETWORK-Member



    Lecture 5

    Combination of Liposuction and Lipolysis - The Refinement of the Surgical Outcome by Modeling Injections/ Kombination von Liposuktion und Lipolyse – Modellierungsfeinheiten

    Results of the Research Group/Resultate der Forschungsgruppe

    Dr. Georg Popp, Germany

    Speaker NETWORK Research Group



    11.00 – 11.20

    Coffie Break



    Lecture 6

    Support of Lipolysis Results by Change of Nutrition/Unterstützung der Lipolyse durch Ernährungsveränderung

    Dr. Ingrid Riedel





    Lecture 7

    Injection Lipolysis and Physicotherapy/Injektions-Lipolyse und Physikotherapie

    Results of the Research Group/Resultate der Forschungsgruppe

    Dr. Claudia van der Lugt, Netherland

    Speaker NETWORK Research Group




    Lecture 8

    Treatment Failures/Behandlungsfehler

    Results of the Research Group/Resultate der Forschungsgruppe

    Dr. Claus-Peter Meissner, Germany

    Speaker NETWORK Research Group




    Lecture 9

    Lipolysis of Lipomas with Phosphatidylcholin in Patients with Familial Multiple Lipomatosis: A Sonographically Controlled Evaluation / Lipolyse von Lipomen mit Phosphatidylcholin bei Patienten mit familiärer multipler Lipomatose: Eine sonografisch kontrollierte Untersuchung

    Dr. Falk Bechara, Co-Author: Dr. Klaus Hoffmann


    University of Bochum



    Lecture 10

    Phophatidylcholine: What is known? Which additional investigations are required to establish the safety and efficacy of this potentially useful substance?

    Prantl L, MD, Co-Author Eisenmann-Klein M, MD

    University of Regensburg


    13.00 – 14.00




    Lecture 11

    Hormonelle Steuerung der Body Composition / Hormones and Body Composition

    Univ.Prof. DDr. Johannes Huber, Austria




    Lecture 12

    The Molecular Biology of

    Adipocyte Differentiation and Apoptosis


    Dr. Ninian Peckitt, United Kingdom

    NETWORK Scientific Advisory Board




    Lecture 13

    The Current Status of Injection Lipolysis in the United States

    V. Leroy Young, MD, USA

    Member of American Board of Plastic Surgery


    15.00 – 15.20

    Coffie Break



    Lecture 14

    The British Situation/Zur Situation in Großbritannien

    The Good, the Bad and the MHRA

    Mark Palmer, MD

    Representative NETWORK-Lipolysis UK





    The NETWORK Situation 2005/ NETZWERK-Situation 2005

    Ulrich Bunzek

    Speaker NETWORK-Lipolysis





    Start of a new Dimension of NETWORK Building

    Dirk Brandl

    Speaker NETWORK-Lipolysis




    Words of Good-Bye

    Petra Langenbrinck







    Postscript to the Congress in Paris

    Dear Member,


    Our this year’s congress has just ended, and we are back home in the Münsterland region, large areas of which have been severely hit by the heavy snowfalls. ...


    We ourselves are not affected by loss or power supply, so we are not in the dark, though the situation further west is still very difficult.


    But to turn to the congress itself: In summary, we can say that, in contrast to the previous year, the quality of the whole event was consistently good, and included a number of horizon-broadening themes. The Network is bigger, and therefore also more complex, but has nevertheless preserved its family character. All the speakers made great efforts to do justice to their topics, and indeed excelled themselves. Altogether, the congress was attended by over 90 participants.


    The congress was opened with a detailed and convincing summary of the further development of our Network standards by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner. A very positive development was presented by Dr. Georg Popp’s work group with regard to the possibilities of combining lipolysis with liposuction. Also on a consistently high level is the work of the Physicotherapy work group of Dr. van der Lugt, whose presentation was once again one of the highlights of the event. The papers given by Prof. Dr. Huber of Vienna and Dr. Prantl of Regensburg were also followed with special interest. Prof. Huber was able to broaden the horizon of the listeners in terms of the powerful influence of hormones in respect of weight problems and fat reduction, while Dr. Prantl spoke on the questions raised by Regensburg University and identified the possibilities that can be offered to us through cooperation. Dr. Diane Duncan spoke about her therapy approach of combining liposelection and lipolysis. This has come about especially because of the high expectations of the American population regarding the perfection of body corrections. Her remarks on the skin-tightening properties of injection lipolysis were also followed with special interest.

    Dr. Ingrid Riedel meaningfully rounded off the series of presentations with her remarks on how lipolysis therapy can be assisted by a change of diet. The latest developments in the field of maltreatment, especially through patient self-therapy, were documented with customary assurance by Claus-Peter Meissner.

    One contribution that was rated as excellent by all the participants was the presentation by Dr. Mark Palmer of a study of injection lipolysis by British doctors, based on over 10,000 treatments. We aim to publish these highly interesting results as soon as possible.


    Dr. Grablowitz and Dr. Falk Bechara were unfortunately not able to attend. Dr. Grablowitz was prevented from attending by a severe feverish cold, while Dr. Bechara found himself stranded at Düsseldorf Airport by the ice and snow. With the aid of Ulrich Bunzek, an attempt was made to at least send his presentation by email and then to comment on it in a telephone conference, but it was not possible to arrange this in the short time available. We are therefore already looking forward to the next event, when he will then give his presentation.


    I would also like to raise the various aspects where the congress left something to be desired: The hotel unfortunately did not offer the service we had anticipated. Also the quality of the gala dinner was not fully up to our expectations and was disappointing for a country with such a high gourmet reputation. Also the discipline of the speakers in keeping to the time allotted to them must be improved. Some of the presentations were twice as long as announced. Future scheduling should also allow greater room for discussion of the individual topics.


    I will inform you in more detail in separate newsletters in the near future about the following topics, which were also the subject of this year’s congress: publication of the book by Dr. Ninian Peckitt in January, the Compound Package from Steunpunt Apotheek in Holland, the new patient information homepage, and the Network research projects in cooperation with university institutes.


    As attachment, I am also sending the presentations by Ulrich Bunzek and myself on the past and future development of the NETWORK, with the request to read them both carefully.


    With best regards,

    Dirk Brandl

    Speaker NETWORK Lipolysis


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