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    Lipolyse-News 2004

    15.11.04 22:20

    1st International Congress for Injection Lipolysis

    On Saturday, November 13, 2004, the '1st International Congress about Injection Lipolysis' took place in Frankfurt/Main. More than 70 members coming from 11 states attended the member meeting organized by NETWORK-Lipolysis in order to discuss the future of the NETWORK....

    26.10.04 18:46

    Lipodissolve Arrives in New York

    The first workshop on Lipodissolve was held in New York on October 24, 2004, by ASAL (The American Society for Aesthetic Lipodissolve). In the bustling Midtown district of Manhattan, in the heart of the Big Apple only a few blocks from the theatre district and Times Square, a group of 24 physicians consisting mainly of plastic surgeons attended a full day training provided by Dr Hasengschwandtner of the NETWORK Lipodissolve...

    23.09.04 17:04

    Lipodissolve Injections on the "World Congress On Liposuction Surgery" in St. Louis, USA

    Our NETWORK members Dr. Stefan Popp, Iicca-Klinik of Augsburg, and Prim. Prof. Dr. Peter Hernuss, Clinic for one-day treatments of Vienna, have accepted an invitation to the "World Congress On Liposuction Surgery" in St. Louis, USA, taking place from Oct. 1-3, 04....

    21.09.04 11:26

    NETZWERK-Workshops auch bei Patienten sehr beliebt

    Uns erreichte eine nette Email einer Patientin.

    30.07.04 12:08

    Neues dermatologisches Lexikon von Dr. Bernd Kardorff

    Unsere Netzwerkmitglieder sind auch in vielen anderen Bereichen aktiv.

    05.07.04 22:30

    NETWORK-Lipolysis Workshop in London

    Following an invitation from a group of leading cosmetic doctors from the UK, our NETWORK held the first English workshop in London in July 2004...

    28.06.04 10:53

    VI. EQUAM Consensus Meeting

    NETWORK attended the VI. Consensus Meeting of the European Committee on Quality Assurance and Medical Devices in Plastic Surgery (EQUAM) in Groningen...

    24.06.04 22:35

    1st Lipodissolve Convention in Laguna Beach

    On June 20 and 21, the first Convention of the American Society for Aesthetic Lipodissolve (ASAL) took place in Laguna Beach, California. Dr. Rittes of Sao Paolo and Dr. Hasengschwandtner of our NETWORK gave presentations, in addition to a third speaker, namely Dr. Lejuene of Paris, who spoke about mesotherapy that has up to now been confused with lipolysis in the U.S.A...

    15.06.04 22:37

    Prim. Prof. Dr. Hernuss, Initiator of Ästhetika, becomes a member of our NETWORK

    Recently, Prim. Prof. Dr. Peter Hernuss, the initiator of the Ästhetika of Vienna, (an event which was also attended by Dr. Rittes, who participated as a lecturer) - became a member of NETWORK-Lipolysis.

    12.06.04 09:59

    Physicians of the Ruhr University of Bochum at the recent special meeting of the NETWORK

    Following invitation by NETWORK-Lipolysis, 2 physicians of the Ruhr University of Bochum, namely Dr. Michael Radenhausen and Dr. Falk Bechara, both members of the aesthetic department...

    09.06.04 22:43

    1st Lipodissolve Convention in Laguna Beach

    On June 20/21, the American Society for Aesthetic Lipodissolve will hold the first U.S. Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy Convention in Laguna Beach (California). Both the discoverer Dr. Rittes and our NETWORK member Dr. Hasengschwandtner will present their respective techniques and dosage regimens used in their practices.

    01.06.04 07:48

    1st Workshop of the Austrian Society for Injection Lipolysis (ÖGIL)

    At the Whitsun weekend, 14 Austrian physicians of the ÖGIL met to hold their first special convention. In addition to the interesting technical lectures, it was the beautiful location of the Schloß Seefels Hotel at the Wörther Lake that made the weekend so special!

    29.05.04 18:17

    Ästhetika in Vienna

    Last week, a demonstration of lipodissolve injections by Dr. Rittes took place on the occasion of this year’s Ästhetika in Vienna.

    08.05.04 18:06

    Fourth EUROPEAN SPECIAL CONVENTION about Lipodissolve Injections (FAT-AWAY INJECTION)

    In Dortmund, 10 physicians met Dr. Hasengschwandtner in an all-day workshop.
    At the weekend, a number of well known medical specialists – ranging from dermatologists to plastic surgeons – from Germany and Austria came together to hold the fourth European Special Convention on “Lipodissolve Injections”.

    24.04.04 22:55

    A Patient’s Opinion after 3 Lipodissolve Injection Treatments

    A patients message to Dr. Hasengschwandtner.

    21.04.04 12:17

    NETWORK-Lipolysis on Cosmedica© 2004

    Our NETWORK member Dr. Dirk Eichelberg has been invited to come to the Cosmedica© event on aesthetic medicine on April 24 and 25, 2004, in the Ruhr Congress of Bochum ...

    17.04.04 23:12

    Third EUROPEAN SPECIAL CONVENTION about Lipodissolve Injections (FAT-AWAY INJECTION)

    In Dortmund, 11 physicians met Dr. Hasengschwandtner in an all-day workshop.

    13.04.04 13:01

    Warning about untrained physicians

    We received the following e-mail that shows how important the selection of the right physician is when it comes to lipodissolve injections. Don’t make yourself the subject matter of autodidactic attempts.

    31.03.04 15:03

    Ref.: “Praxis – Das Gesundheitsmagazin” (Practice - The Health Magazine) in German TV

    Ref.: “Praxis – Das Gesundheitsmagazin” (Practice - The Health Magazine) in German TV

    30.03.04 16:25

    The NETWORK-Lipolysis is growing more and more

    We are pleased to welcome 3 new members from Austria: Mr. Prim. Dr. Victor Grablowitz, surgeon, and his wife Dr. Doris Grablowitz, dermatologist. And last but not least we welcome Dr. Univ. Med. Eva Wegrostek, who – together with the above-mentioned persons and Dr. Hasengschwandtner – belongs to the founder members of the “Austrian Society for Injection Lipolysis” (Lipodissolve).

    29.03.04 16:25


    For some time now, the so-called fat-away-infusion has been praised in the German-speaking territory. It is said to be an improvement of lipodissolve injections.

    13.03.04 23:09


    8 physicians came together with Dr. Hasengschwandtner in Dortmund. At the weekend, German Austrian and Swiss medical specialists popular in the field of aesthetics met to hold the second European Professional Convention about Lipodissolve Injections.

    02.03.04 12:13

    Constitution of NETWORK-Lipolysis

    By integrating 10 further practising medical experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, specialized in different fields NETWORK-Lipolysis gave itself a framework stimulating the share of information among colleagues.

    28.02.04 19:15

    1st Workshop “Lipodissolve Injections” was a full success !!!

    On Saturday, February 28, 2004, the first all-day workshop about lipodissolve injections took place. In spite of nasty whether conditions (snow chaos) all speakers participants and subjects arrived in good health and in due time although some of them had to make trips of several hours.

    23.02.04 15:17

    Treatment of Cellulitis

    Cellulitis treatment is also a subject for Injektion-Lipolysis.

    11.02.04 10:19

    First Results from Switzerland

    Progress report of Dr. Gerny, Switzerland

    27.01.04 08:51

    Foundation of the “Society for Injection Lipolysis” in Austria

    Last week, some colleagues in Austria founded the “Austrian Society for Injection Lipolysis”.

    26.01.04 23:23

    Lipodissolve Workshop in Preparation.

    After receiving inquiries of many physicians we are preparing a firs training workshop.

    21.01.04 23:25

    First NETWORK-Lipolysis-Member from Switzerland

    From Switzerland, we have been informed by Dr. Gerny of Zurich that he recently attended a workshop held by Dr. Rittes and is now very interested in participating in our follow-up studies.

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    Member-Congress in Paris 2005

    Dr. Palmer (UK) and
    Dr. Hasengschwandtner
    during the Member-
    Congress in Paris


    Athen Workshop

    Practical Workshop demonstration

    Claus Peter Meissner NETWORK-Lipolysis trainer shows how to mark a treating region

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