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    Lipolyse-News 2004

    24.06.04 22:35

    1st Lipodissolve Convention in Laguna Beach

    On June 20 and 21, the first Convention of the American Society for Aesthetic Lipodissolve (ASAL) took place in Laguna Beach, California. Dr. Rittes of Sao Paolo and Dr. Hasengschwandtner of our NETWORK gave presentations, in addition to a third speaker, namely Dr. Lejuene of Paris, who spoke about mesotherapy that has up to now been confused with lipolysis in the U.S.A...

    This misunderstanding could now be clarified completely, and it is considered that lipodissolve injections could now be introduced as an independent therapy.
    Dr. Hasengschwandtner gave an introductory presentation, when he clearly explained the differences between the current NETWORK-therapy and the conventional therapy provided in Brazil. Against the background of 900 completed treatments, Dr. Rittes carried out a total of 27,000 (!!!) individual therapies.
    The next day Dr. Hasengschwandtner, (or Dr. Franz as he rapidly became known by the conference attendees in view of his almost unpronounceable surname), provided a practical demonstration. The demand for places and the enthusiasm of those viewing the injection techniques were a tribute to the amount of attention this therapy is attracting.

    More than 50 U.S. physicians, whose cosmetic practices include celebrity patients from all over the continent from Beverly Hills to New York, attended the conference. For example in the first row a physician treating Michael Jackson showed great interest in the convention presentations. Interest exceeded expectation and health professionals from other countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea and the Emirates had to be rapidly accommodated in the convention.
    Laguna Beach was an ideal location for the convention found about 60 km to the south of L.A. It is in the centre of a prosperous area with house prices starting at 1 million dollars!
    All in all, our NETWORK was considered to have left a very good impression with the American participants, a number of whom immediately applied for membership. A particular recurring comment was compliments for the content and appearance of our internet homepage.
    Other events of this size including NETWORK presentations are being planned.

    The Editors



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    Dr. Palmer (UK) and
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