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    Lipolyse-News 2004

    15.06.04 22:37

    Prim. Prof. Dr. Hernuss, Initiator of Ästhetika, becomes a member of our NETWORK

    Recently, Prim. Prof. Dr. Peter Hernuss, the initiator of the Ästhetika of Vienna, (an event which was also attended by Dr. Rittes, who participated as a lecturer) - became a member of NETWORK-Lipolysis.

    Prof. Hernuss is the head of the Tagesklinik (clinic for same day treatments) of Vienna. Furthermore, he took part in the first meeting of the Austrian Society for Injection Lipolysis (ÖGIL). Prof. Hernuss puts special emphasis on the importance of the NETWORK’s promotion of uniform standards of treatment by its’ members. This objective will be closer once we have completed a first assessment of all data received by NETWORK members. A very cordial welcome to our new member.

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    Dr. Palmer (UK) and
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    Claus Peter Meissner NETWORK-Lipolysis trainer shows how to mark a treating region

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