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    Lipolyse-News 2004

    01.06.04 07:48

    1st Workshop of the Austrian Society for Injection Lipolysis (ÖGIL)

    At the Whitsun weekend, 14 Austrian physicians of the ÖGIL met to hold their first special convention. In addition to the interesting technical lectures, it was the beautiful location of the Schloß Seefels Hotel at the Wörther Lake that made the weekend so special!

    The participants listened to five technical lectures about lipodissolve – from the general process of fat combustion via the active substance phosphatidylcholine to the therapeutic differentiations and surgical possibilities for weight reduction. The lectures were held by Dr. Eva Wegrostek, Vice President of ÖGIL, Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner, President of ÖGIL, Dr. Doris Grablowitz, Chair of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (EACS) and Prim Dr. Viktor Grablowitz, member of the BoD of EACS, as well as by Dr. Holzmüller, surgeon at the hospital in Klagenfurt. The editors who had been invited to attend were impressed by the quality of the lectures, and this supported the concept of lipodissolve injections efficacy, the findings about the correlations of their effects as well as their actual importance in aesthetic medicine have reached – in terms of quality – on a very high level and find more and more acceptance.
    During a lively discussion between a number of conference attendees including Prof. Hernuss of Vienna, a particular emphasis was laid on good training in the therapy techniques, and it was concluded that a prerequisite for good treatment results was good training.

    The Editors



    Member-Congress in Paris 2005

    Dr. Palmer (UK) and
    Dr. Hasengschwandtner
    during the Member-
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    Claus Peter Meissner NETWORK-Lipolysis trainer shows how to mark a treating region

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