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    Lipolyse-News 2004

    24.04.04 22:55

    A Patientís Opinion after 3 Lipodissolve Injection Treatments

    A patients message to Dr. Hasengschwandtner.

    After having finished the 3rd session with Dr. Hasengschwandtner on February 2 (gluteofemoral adiposity) my thigh circumference has been reduced to 56 cm. When I came to the 1st treatment on October 03 of last year, the circumference was 63 cm. Below the gluteofemoral adiposity, the circumference was 55 cm, this means that I had gluteofemoral adiposity of 8 cm on both sides. During each session, a reduction of 2.5 – 3 cm was achieved. It is true that meanwhile I lost some weight, but nevertheless the difference of proportions can be definitely recognized. The thigh circumference below the “saddlebags” still present to a minimum degree is now 53 cm, and above 56 cm – so the difference left is only 3 cm in contrast to the former 8 cm.
    It is very likely that I will undergo a last small treatment in fall of this year, but already now I am very satisfied with the result and look forward to the next bikini season! It has always been a nightmare for me to visit a swimming bath. As soon as I became a teenager, my saddlebags became a significant burden for me.
    I would like to thank Dr. Hasengschwandtner very much. I believe that I had the longest trip done by his patients – 660 km from Freiburg. But I do not regret it. Before, a surgical intervention was planned with another physician, namely liposuction. But I cancelled this when I heard about lipodissolve injections. As it turned out it was the right decision. The result is a firm and tight skin without any dents. Super! And now, your list of physicians includes the name of a doctor in my neighbourhood (20 km); thus, there will be no further trips to Austria.
    Much success and kind regards, D.Z.

    Name and address are known to NETWORK-Lipolysis

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