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    Lipolyse-News 2004

    17.04.04 23:12

    Third EUROPEAN SPECIAL CONVENTION about Lipodissolve Injections (FAT-AWAY INJECTION)

    In Dortmund, 11 physicians met Dr. Hasengschwandtner in an all-day workshop.

    At the weekend, reputed medical specialists – from dermatologists to plastic surgeons – from Germany, Austria and Switzerland came together to hold the third European Special Convention about “Lipodissolve Injections”.

    Several lectures were held about NETWORK-Lipolysis, this covered subjects such as the legal aspects of a therapy and the lipodissolve therapy itself. The presentations made by Mrs. Karthaus, a lawyer of the office of Dr. Eick & Partner, who specialised in the field of medical law were found to be of particular interest to the attending physicians. Mrs. Karthaus fully discussed all aspects of the physician’s duty to obtain informed consent as prescribed by legislation.

    Dr. Hasengschwandtner, one of the internationally foremost experts in the field of lipodissolve injections presented the results of more than 1,400 treatments. His presentation convinced even the most sceptic participants at the meeting. The therapeutic possibilities for tear sacs, double chin, neck folds, and the love handles at the hips were introduced. The special problem zones of women, namely the buttocks and thigh regions and cellulite were discussed in detail and provided new therapeutic possibilities in particular for the attendants already familiar with liposuction procedures.

    After the lectures, the participating medical specialists were trained in the clinical practice of Dr. Eichelberg & Partner; the 8 subjects underwent their second treatment after 6 weeks although several were at 4 weeks post treatment only. The dosage and injection technique introduced by Dr. Hasengschwandtner did not only convince the models, but also the participating physicians. Petra S. of Overath, female model, gladly presented her previously treated upper arms and beamed all over her face when it was found that the circumference was reduced by 4 cm. The measurements and photographs were well documented as recommended. Her lower belly showed a reduced circumference of 8 cm. Men who had already undergone one treatment also presented very good results, like e.g. Franc M. of Würzburg (1.83 height, 74 kg) with respect to the local fat deposits at belly and hip. In view of a circumference reduced by 5 cm he was now able to tighten his belt by two holes. Two other models could already regard the second treatment as the final one. The results achieved during this workshop will be presented here in words and picture in the near future.

    Thus, we welcome some other medical experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in out NETWORK-Lipolysis. For more information about them, please refer to our list of physicians.

    The Editors



    Member-Congress in Paris 2005

    Dr. Palmer (UK) and
    Dr. Hasengschwandtner
    during the Member-
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    Athen Workshop

    Practical Workshop demonstration

    Claus Peter Meissner NETWORK-Lipolysis trainer shows how to mark a treating region

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