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    Lipolyse-News 2004

    11.02.04 10:19

    First Results from Switzerland

    Progress report of Dr. Gerny, Switzerland

    In our practices, we receive many inquiries about effective methods for a successful treatment of circumscribed fat deposits and about body sculpting. Many patients, however, put much emphasis on a treatment without downtime and absence from work as well as on an affordable price level.

    Compared with liposuction, a very expensive and extravagant procedure often entailing unsatisfactory results or a high recurrence rate respectively lipodissolve injections offer a welcomed possibility to manage a lot of figure problems. Against the background of many years’ experiences in the aesthetic-medical field, I was very critical of lipodissolve injections in the beginning. My training with Dr. Patricia Rittes in Sao Paulo as well as comprehensive discussions with the female inventor, accompanied by many discussions with successfully treated patients of Dr. Rittes, however, convinced me to such a degree that I have been working myself with lipodissolve injections in my Medical Beauty Centers and Practices since my return. I believe that lipodissolve injections represent – apart from Botox – the greatest progress for the future of Cosmetic Medicine. It is the simple and almost riskless invention (up to date, no side effects since the first treatment) that is so convincing to me when it comes to lipodissolve injections. As with all new treatments I introduce in my practices, I use to subject myself to some tests before treating others. In this connection, I treated a lipoma I had – with the successful outcome of a 50% reduction after injection.

    In order to achieve a successful result it seems to me that apart from a professional application it is an exact tracing of the expectations and a sound consulting about the advantages and disadvantages of the different treatment options that is so important. I do believe that lipodissolve injections will not replace liposuction because the latter procedure remains to be recommended in case of greater fat volumes; lipodissolve injections, however, may be an ideal supplement.

    We recommend lipodissolve injections priorily for the treatment of circumscribed fat deposits. Frequently, this is a matter of concern of slim men and women without overweight assigning much value to a perfect figure contour and desiring to have small problem zones corrected. The satisfaction of the patients treated up to now is very pleasing and altogether positive. All patients experienced a reduction of approx. 30-70% of the treated zones. It is important to note that overweight and so-called Yojo-weight changes are avoided; these imply the risk of recurrence. As far as the treatment of cellulitis is concerned, we have not yet gathered much experience. The existing results, however, show a superficial structure being much smoother and surprisingly more homogenous. With slim women and, in particular, in case of treatments of tummy, gluteofemoral adiposity, hip area and inner thigh we use to achieve very pleasing results.

    Dr. med. Harald Gerny
    Dermatologist FMH



    Member-Congress in Paris 2005

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    Claus Peter Meissner NETWORK-Lipolysis trainer shows how to mark a treating region

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