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    News-Archive 2005

    23.02.05 19:02

    NETWORK-Lipolysis establishes Research Board

    The first working groups started with their work. After the introduction of the working groups during the 1st Member Congress in November many NETWORK members expressed their interest in participating in one or even more of these groups...

    Thus, the further investigation and improvement of our standardized NETWORK therapy can be done within a greater framework and help to bundle up the individual results.
    First of all, the NETWORK members clearly demonstrate their commitment by joining the working groups. Within the NETWORK it is not assumed that the development of the therapy has been completely finished only because standards have been set forth. Just the opposite: the therapy can still be refined. In this connection, we do not only focus on the different treatment regions, the reduction of side-effects, the further improvement of the results and the non-responder quote but also on the combination with other therapies like liposuction or ultrasono-lipolysis.
    What will the working groups do in detail?
    In the human body, there are many regions where fat is deposited. In order to improve the therapy offer even more it is of utmost importance to know exactly which deposits are available to achieve an optimum treatment result and which ones are less eligible. This research group is working under the leadership of Dr. Horst Grübmeyer of Ludwigsburg, plastic surgeon.
    The face represents another important region for treatment. The working group dealing with the particularities of facial treatments consists of doctors having already gathered much experience in this field. Dr. Patricia Ogilvie of Munich will be the speaker of this group. Any colleague making surgical interventions is kindly, but urgently asked to share his or her experience gathered in respect of “lower eye bulges”. Due to many discussions we have deleted the indication “tear sacs” from the list of indications, at least for the time being because there exist too many views deviating from each other. Possibly we will succeed in establishing generally valid rules reconstructable by anyone. Dr. Lucy Glancey of London is willing to act as coordinator of the working group dealing with pain reduction and the reduction of side-effects like swellings and haematomas. It is true that pain during and after the treatment can, of course, be endured but a possibility to reduce pain even more could optimize the therapy. Another important particularity of injection lipolysis is the possibility to treat the side-effects of HIV treatments (buffalo hump). At present, the often deforming and stigmatizing side-effects of the fat metabolism changes can only be eliminated by surgical interventions. Injection lipolysis seems to be a pertinent alternative. This would indeed be a first step on the way to an acceptance and recognition of our effective method as a substitute for surgical interventions. The treatment of lipomas of non-HIV-patients is another topic of this working group. The speaker is Bernhard Bieniek of Berlin.
    The contact person of the working group dealing with treatment failures and emergency medicine are Dr. Eva Wegrostek of Vienna and Dr. Claus-Peter Meissner of Düsseldorf. Up to date, no treatment failure within the NETWORK has been reported. But our members are more and more consulted by patients who were not successful with their self-treatments. And it is to be noted that untrained physicians may trigger unfavourable therapy procedures, especially in the face. The working group's goal is a compilation and investigation of these cases.
    Three working groups will deal with combinations with other therapies. In detail:
    Dr. Treacy of Dublin and his colleagues will deal with the combination of lipolysis and mesotherapy for cellulite treatments.
    Dr. Claudia van der Lugt of Meijel and her working group will examine whether the results can be improved if combined with ultrasono-lipolysis and an endermology treatment.
    And finally, the working group under the leadership of Dr. Georg Popp of Augsburg will deal with a combination of liposuction and lipolysis. The experiment to harmonize body contours by a combination of both treatments even better and more smartly is supposed to be carried out in cooperation with a number of plastic surgeons.
    At this place, we will publish further results inclusive of commendable individual results of researching colleagues, e.g. from the field of image diagnostics.
    Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner
    Director Research Board NETWORK-Lipolysis



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