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    News-Archive 2005

    27.11.05 21:05

    Postscript to the Congress in Paris

    In summary, we can say that, in contrast to the previous year, the quality of the whole event was consistently good, and included a number of horizon-broadening themes...

    The Network is bigger, and therefore also more complex, but has nevertheless preserved its family character. All the speakers made great efforts to do justice to their topics, and indeed excelled themselves. Altogether, the congress was attended by over 90 participants.

    The congress was opened with a detailed and convincing summary of the further development of our Network standards by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner. A very positive development was presented by Dr. Georg Popp’s work group with regard to the possibilities of combining lipolysis with liposuction. Also on a consistently high level is the work of the Physicotherapy work group of Dr. van der Lugt, whose presentation was once again one of the highlights of the event. The lectures given by Prof. Dr. Huber of Vienna and Dr. Prantl of Regensburg were also followed with special interest. Prof. Huber was able to broaden the horizon of the listeners in terms of the powerful influence of hormones in respect of weight problems and fat reduction, while Dr. Prantl spoke on the questions raised by Regensburg University and identified the possibilities that can be offered to us through cooperation. Dr. Diane Duncan spoke about her therapy approach of combining liposelection and lipolysis. This has come about especially because of the high expectations of the American population regarding the perfection of body corrections. Her remarks on the skin-tightening properties of injection lipolysis were also followed with special interest.
    Dr. Ingrid Riedel meaningfully rounded off the series of presentations with her remarks on how lipolysis therapy can be assisted by a change of diet. The latest developments in the field of maltreatment, especially through patient self-therapy, were documented with customary assurance by Claus-Peter Meissner.
    One contribution that was rated as excellent by all the participants was the presentation by Dr. Mark Palmer of a study of injection lipolysis by British doctors, based on over 10,000 treatments. We aim to publish these highly interesting results as soon as possible.

    Dirk Brandl
    NETWORK Lipolysis



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