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    News-Archive 2005

    24.10.05 12:31

    The new NETWORK Aesthetics

    The special thing about networks is that they are all linked to and tied into other networks. In the case of our NETWORK-Lipolysis, this means that it is also extending into other fields of aesthetic therapy through the active involvement of our members...

    Consequently, we have just started to introduce the successful Alizonne therapy of NETWORK-Lipolysis member Dr. Claudia von der Lugt, Netherlands, who has achieved outstanding results in over eight years of development and working with the Alizonne therapy as a method for treating overweight and adiposity. Used in combination with injection lipolyis, this therapy offers a convincing addition. For each of our members, this means the unique opportunity, with only one membership fee, to also participate in the other sub-networks of our overriding NETWORK Aesthetics, and thus be able to make use of even more extensive opportunities for synergy effects.

    Dirk Brandl



    Down Under

    All participants of the 1st Melbourne Workshop in 2005

    Salzburg Convention 2005

    The scientific lectures attracted lots of interests.

    Lipolysis Workshop

    Dr. Franz demonstrate the treatment technic.

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