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    News-Archive 2005

    22.09.05 21:24

    Special Workshop Offer

    Combination Therapy of Injection Lipolysis and LipoSelectionSM only by VASER®

    Special Workshop: Combination Therapy of Injection Lipolysis and LipoSelectionSM only by VASER®

    A workshop on both injection lipolysis and the VASER LipoSelection procedure is offered by Dr. Diane Duncan and Dr. Alberto Di Guiseppe from 14-15 October 2005 in Florence. NETWORK member Dr. Duncan is our representative for the USA, while Dr. Di Guiseppe is a specialist in the field of LipoSelection. At the workshop, the theory and practice of both methods will be presented individually, as well as the advantages of combination therapy. This is not a NETWORK Lipolysis event, but after completion of the workshop, participants will be able to become members of NETWORK Lipolysis. LipoSelection only by VASER System works on the basis of ultrasonic energy, which specifically emulsifies the fatty cells but, in contrast to liposuction, leaves the surrounding tissue almost completely intact. The emulsified fat is removed by means gentle suction and massage. Further information on LipoSelection with the VASER System can be found at www.vaser.com.
    For further information please have a look at our workshop site.

    Dirk Brandl



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