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    News-Archive 2005

    15.07.05 22:45

    Ultrasound Documentation Research Group established

    Under the leadership of gynaecologist and ultrasound specialist DDr. med. Wojciech Norek, a new work group is set up with the primary purpose of establishing methods for objectively measuring the results of injection lipolysis...

    Dr. Norek has developed new software for ultrasound documentation of the fatty layer, and together with his work group has already presented impressive ultrasound images which document the phosphatidylcholine distribution process within the fatty layer. The group is currently working on the development of a practicable method that is able to measure the thickness of the fatty layer with absolute precision.

    Immediately after injections:

    After 4 weeks:
    The spread of the pharmaceutical agents spread to the size of a table-tennis ball The medications stay netted in the tissue without migration

    After 6 weeks:
    After 8 weeks:
    The lipolysis process is still active
    The lipolysis process reach completion

    Dirk Brandl



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