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    News-Archive 2005

    25.05.05 19:45

    NETWORK knowledge in demand at many events

    More and more often, the NETWORK Lipolysis is being invited to congresses on aesthetic medicine and asked to send a speaker on the topic of injection lipolysis...

    Most recently, Dr. Roberto Zunica gave a highly acclaimed presentation at the 15th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Rome, which was attended by 2500 physicians. Subsequently, he was invited by Prof. Delune, President of the American Society of Aesthetic Medicine, to address its congress in San Francisco. In parallel with the NETWORK Convention, Dr. Hale Kapkin will present a half-hour paper on injection lipolysis at the 6th ICoS on 18 June in Istanbul.
    In November, Dr. Hasengschwandtner has received an invitation to the 40th Annual Conference of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. This is clear evidence that knowledge of injection lipolysis is starting to spread as a new technique in the repertoire of aesthetic medicine and that it is a method preferred by many patients over other forms of therapy because of its lack of risk. It is also evident that standardisation of the procedure through the Network members is strongly welcomed by many doctors and organisations.

    Ulrich Bunzek



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