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    News-Archive 2005

    18.05.05 08:20

    Successful refresher workshop in Bad Leonfelden

    German-speaking members of the NETWORK who completed a workshop some time ago, gathered again for the first refresher programme at the SPA Hotel Bad Leonfelden in Austria, the clinic of Dr. Hasengschwandtner...

    In addition to updating them on the latest scientific knowledge and providing further background information, one of the main focuses of the workshop was on answering concrete questions of the members. A further highlight was the presentation of the results of research by Dr. Norek. Dr. Norek is a specialist in ultrasound documentation. He is able to measure the thickness of the fatty layer of patients, and in addition to measuring area can therefore also document the reduction in the fatty layer. The participants were impressed by the images produced by him, which clearly show how the agent disperses within the fatty layer and how the consistency of the layer changes in the course of the treatments at the 8-week intervals recommended by the Network. This therefore means that now, for the first time, an objective measuring method is available for the therapy - a further step towards providing greater certainty for the patients and the treating physicians.

    Dirk Brandl



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