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    News-Archive 2005

    16.02.05 21:52

    NETWORK Standard Gains International Acceptance

    The work done by the NETWORK members in 2004 yields more and more good results. It is in particular the determination of common therapy standards that has contributed to the solid position the therapy has meanwhile gained in the field of aesthetic medicine...

    And there are also the enormous efforts of Dr. Hasengschwandtner in optimizing dosages, injection techniques and treatment intervals which resulted in a membership number of 250 doctors from 20 countries who offer the therapy according to the commonly developed therapy standards.
    Since the foundation of the NETWORK, the risklessness of the dosage and the modification of treatment intervals in order to carry out the therapy effectively have been in the foreground of the efforts to achieve uniform therapy standards. The application of the new NETWORK therapy now requires no more than 1 to a maximum of 4 treatment sessions in intervals of 2 - 3 months. At the same time, the fat melting effect was optimized so that the results could be improved once more. Also side-effects like swellings pain and haematomas could be reduced.
    And there was another important finding in the past year: treatment failures only occurred outside of the NETWORK; especially in case of self-treatments of patients and cosmeticians some partly severe mistakes, e.g. deformations and asymmetries or skin injuries and damage to the skin occurred. For this reason, the NETWORK doctors conclude: This therapy must not be carried out by laymen but only by trained health professionals. The used medicament should only be made available upon submission of a doctor's prescription in order to avoid an improper application by laymen. This classification as a medicament to be sold only on prescription should be initiated by the manufacturer and the competent health authority.
    Patients in need of consultation or further treatments after treatment failures should contact us under info@netzwerk-lipolyse.de.

    Dr. Claus-Peter Meissner
    Speaker of the Research Group “Treatment Failures and Emergency Case Medicine”



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