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    News-Archive 2005

    15.03.05 19:36

    Response to “STAY CLEAR OF FAT JABS. Treatment not approved” article / Irish Sun

    This is in response to your article “STAY CLEAR OF FAT JABS. Treatment not approved” published in the Irish Sun on Sunday, March 13, 2005...

    It is unfortunate that The Irish Sun article on ‘flab jabs’ has been so poorly described with exaggerated sensationalism and no support of actual facts – even encouraged worries to your health department.

    I find your article highly misleading and deceptive to the general public and urge you to give my response equal position of space and exposure in your publication as your unfortunate announcement.

    I am the research director of the popular “flab jab” injections under the international "NETWORK-Lipolysis" President of the International Society for Lipolysis Therapy and President of Austrian Society of Lipolysis. Our research team of physicians from all over the world collect data and studies under a member affiliation known as NETWORK-Lipolysis. We have a rough some thousands procedures per month amongst all members and we have never come across a single case of sever or deadly reactions, or even a slight indication.

    We have collected data of thousands of procedures for the reduction of localized fat since 2002. Our data show no indication of any of the effects from this therapy published in your article. Patients should always be encouraged a proper exercise regime and nutrition and not seek replacement in miraculous solutions to weight problems if they continue unhealthy habits.

    One of the main ingredients mentioned in your article, the soy based phosphatidylcholine (PPC) dilutes fat in that procedure. We have over thirty years of experience with PPC use. Fifty years of studies on intravenous use of pure PPC in Germany and other countries and years of injections even on infants in higher dosages than what is used in reduction of localized fat, have shown no signs of the deadly side effects your newspaper so casually write about. In contrary to Dr Coopers sensationalistic statements, this enzyme was developed into medicine to cure fatty emboly - not to cause it.

    Patient safety is our primary concern. All measures are taken to monitor unknown effects and to immediately report or investigate any unusual signs. We have done monitoring of blood and liver values of patients before and after therapy without any pathologic reaction. In addition, we have nine different research studies in progress that include collaborations with Medical Universities in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. I encourage Dr Cooper to submit any materials to me that supports her statements or provide a reasonable medical explanation how she has come to these conclusions when it is obvious her knowledge on this therapy is, least to say, very limited. In this point our law consultants are to contact Dr. Cooper herself. Even if it is an "off-label use" of phosphatidylcholine the administering doctors are exactly trained and act within the legal range, also in Ireland!

    This promising therapy is able to replace some surgical lipoplasty procedures without the high risks associated with surgery. It is important to know that no existing medical procedure is 100% safe as each patient differ. However, comparative to the many cosmetic procedures available today the dissolution of body fat by injections of enzymes and vitamins have shown a minimal level of risks. Safety means the injections should be administered by physicians properly trained in the therapy, with sufficient knowledge of the fat and muscular anatomy. It is surprising to me and my medical colleagues, that physicians like Dr Cooper misrepresent new methods developed to try and reduce patient risks.

    Reduction of localized fat by injections is becoming more and more popular amongst plastic surgeons throughout Europe as well as USA, mainly due to its reported safety.

    Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner
    Director Medical Advisory Board
    Director of Research, NETWORK-Lipolysis



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