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    Lipolysis News

    30.01.06 19:54

    NETWORK Publications

    Fortunately some publications of NETWORK members about Lipolysistherapy have been published in accepted learned journals for aesthetic medicine during the last year. Here we will present an actual list of publications which might interest doctors who want to participate at one of our training workshops.

    List of Publications:

    * Hasengschwandtner, Franz:
    Phosphatidylcholine treatment to induce lipolysis
    Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 308-313, Dec 2005, http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/action/doSearch?searchText= hasengschwandtner&searchbutton.x=32&searchbutton.y=11

    * Hasengschwandtner, Franz:
    Die subc. Injektion von Phosphatidylcholin zum Zwecke der Lipolyse Akt.Dermatol 2005;31:549-552

    * Duncan Diane, Hasengschwandtner, Franz:
    Lipodissolve for Subcutaneous Fat Reduction and Skin Retraction Aesthetic Surg J 2005; 25:530-543.

    * Hasengschwandtner, Franz:
    The non surgical liposculpture J.of Cosm.Dermatology, 4-2005, 310-315

    * Hasengschwandtner, Franz:
    Examination of blood values after subcutaneous administration of PPC Academy of cosmetic surgeons




    Pictures Congress 2006

    Chinese Impression

    Dirk Brandl, Dr. Carey Lee and Dr. Swapan Chowdhury (AUS) in front of the clinic of Dr. Lee

    First scientific theory on injection lipolysis:

    Evidenced Based Practice: Phosphatidylcholine

    A Review of Evidence for the Mode of Action in Injection Lipolysis

    Ninian Peckitt, M.D.

    Injection Lipolysis is a popular cosmetic procedure involving the subcutaneous injection of phosphatidylcholine (PC) - Lipostabil N . This publication is an independent review of applied phospholipid biochemistry, plasma membranes, cell lysis and apoptosis.

    For further information click here.

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