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    Lipolysis News

    05.05.06 10:47

    Correspondence with Australia

    An interesting spotlight is thrown on our work by the email correspondence with Marie Alessi, an Austrian citizen, who emigrated to Australia some time ago.

    With the consent of Ms. Alessi, we are pleased to publish extracts from our correspondence as follows:

    Email from Ms. Alessi
    A friendly hello from Australia, my best friend Mona was recently in Sydney for my wedding – she herself lives in St. Johann in Pongau, Austria, where I originally came from. I few years ago, I finally made my dream come true and came to live in Sydney. Unfortunately, my husband is a very good cook, with the result that within one year I have put on 10(!!!) kilos, whereas I really wanted to lose 10 kilos. Mona told me about injection lipolysis – she said that her sister and mother had both tried it out and were thrilled by the results. Is it possible to get a reliable contact here in Sydney where I can have this treatment performed on myself? And the sooner the better, because I really am in despair about my weight – 74 kg. I have never weighed that much in my life before. Many many thanks in advance and sunny regards from Sydney, Marie Alessi

    Part 1 Reply from the NETWORK
    Dear Ms. Alessi,
    Many thanks for your very kind email. I will be pleased to arrange contact to Network members in Sydney, but would like to take this opportunity to dampen your euphoria somewhat so as to avoid disappointments in future. Injection lipolysis is not a therapy against overweight, and it will only be able to reduce your weight insignificantly. It is a therapy for improving the body shape in places where change of diet or increased exercise simply have no effect.

    Part 1 Reply from Ms. Alessi
    I had to smile when I read that – and very much appreciate your professional honesty. My shape is what I am primarily concerned with. I do not shy away from sport in principle – but it is rather frustrating when you have a job that takes considerably more time than the normal “8 hours a day”, so there is not much time left to translate the euphoria and motivation into sport and healthy nutrition (whereby the healthy nutrition is the easier of the two).

    Part 2 Reply from the NETWORK
    I hope this information will motivate you to do everything together, namely to change your diet, do physical exercise, and also have injection lipolysis.

    Part 3 Partial reply from Ms. Alessi
    Absolutely. I regard the injection lipolysis as a support in getting my shape fit for the mirror again, the change in diet for the sake of my soul and inner contentment, and the sport for my energy management – and taken altogether, it sounds like the best plan for a better physical feeling ...

    Part 3 Reply from the NETWORK
    I myself have just come back from Australia and am well aware of the temptations presented by the good food there, so can well sympathise with what has happened to you. Now to the contacts: You will find all the Australian doctors in the Network listed on the homepage at www.au.injection-lipolysis.net, so you can choose from them whoever you prefer. I would very much like to publish your letter on our homepage, and ask for your permission to do so. With very best regards from Münster, Dirk Brandl, Speaker of the NETWORK-Lipolysis

    Part 3 Reply from Ms. Alessi
    Permission granted – initially I was a bit sceptical, because it is a kind of outing – but then I thought that if it helps just one other person, then so be it – including this letter, if you like.
    Many thanks and sunny greetings from Sydney Marie Alessi



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    Chinese Impression

    Dirk Brandl, Dr. Carey Lee and Dr. Swapan Chowdhury (AUS) in front of the clinic of Dr. Lee

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