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    Lipolysis News

    02.11.06 13:52

    Members' congress yielded lots of suggestions thanks to the creativity of the participants

    Innovations were well received - many suggestions were made on communication with patients.

    This year's congress was held in a fitting environment in Vienna's Renaissance Penta Hotel. Over 60 doctors from 17 countries attended and gave the many suggestions put forward, close attention.
    Members were first told of what's planned for the coming year in a lecture given by Dirk Brandl. Further improving communication and activities among NETWORK-Lipolysis members featured heavily in his contribution. In his subsequent report and accounts lecture Ulrich Bunzek advised members of the very creditable developments during the last year. Naturally, information on the first group insurance policy for Europe, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein that will be included in the new Members Gold Card too. The Basler insurance company made us this offer because they were so convinced of the network's standardisation achievements.
    The next three lectures concerned lipolysis.
    Dr. Hasengschwandtner reported in his lecture, which attracted much attention, on the scientific publications of our members on injection lipolysis in particular and on scientific studies carried out by our university partners and our members.
    The lecture given by Dr. Peckitt in which he presented the hypothesis he'd formulated himself to our members for the first time was undoubtedly a highlight. His lecture made it clear to all his listeners that injection lipolysis has long since become a mature form of treatment and that reputable doctors and scientists are now attempting to unravel all its mysteries both theoretically and by applying scientific research. All our members were of course made aware of research being incomplete and that much still needs to be done.
    The lecture given by Claus-Peter Meissner, MD, updating us all on the standards and treatment protocols set by the Medical Advisory Board was of particular importance. Older members unaware of the latest developments listened very closely. The congress then went on to consider lipolysis in practice.
    Several doctors, including Dr. Hauge, Norway, Dr. Marechal, France, Dr. Palmer, UK, Dr. Hasengschwandtner, Austria and Dr. van der Lugt, Holland, presented some amazing treatment results. Dr. van der Lugt took the opportunity to report on the physical therapy group's plans to test ultrasonolipolysis, radio frequency devices and the latest fat reduction lasers. The afternoon began with reports from the other Global Health networks.
    Dr. van der Lugt reported on the development of the NETWORK-Alizonne led by herself and that deals with treating overweight and adiposity. Dr. van der Lugt has devoted superhuman efforts in the last year to training other doctors in this therapy as well as running her own successful practice. We'd like to express our gratitude to her at this point once again.
    For the first time a dentist attended the congress, Dr. Helmuth B. Engels from Bonn. Dr. Engels reported on the setting up and development of the NETWORK-Cryodent, which deals with introducing cryotherapy in treating inflamed gums in paradontology. A main emphasis of this year's congress was patient information.
    Yvona Ostoic, Dr. Marechal's assistant, spoke of the strategy employed by this very successful practice and gave all present a lot of useful hints. Dirk Brandl took over Dr. Eichelberg's lecture; the latter has been very successful in offering injection lipolysis in his practice. Both lectures had the goal of preparing members for the three working groups that subsequently took a much closer look at this matter.
    The working group discussions were highly motivating for the participants and we garnered a lot of suggestions on further popularising lipolysis. There was a general desire for these working groups to be set up at the next congress as well, a request we'll be happy to comply with. The day ended with a festive dinner.
    Dirk Brandl presented a cabaret programme for the occasion satirising what the Network's back office has to deal with every day. Overall, the experimental innovations were well received and feedback was very positive.
    Apart from group work the congress featured brief interruptions with picture shows to give participants a chance to recharge their batteries before grappling with another serious subject. The music was contributed by a group called Desire, which is made up of network staff; the aesthetically alienated photos were created by Volker Schrader.



    Pictures Congress 2006

    Chinese Impression

    Dirk Brandl, Dr. Carey Lee and Dr. Swapan Chowdhury (AUS) in front of the clinic of Dr. Lee

    First scientific theory on injection lipolysis:

    Evidenced Based Practice: Phosphatidylcholine

    A Review of Evidence for the Mode of Action in Injection Lipolysis

    Ninian Peckitt, M.D.

    Injection Lipolysis is a popular cosmetic procedure involving the subcutaneous injection of phosphatidylcholine (PC) - Lipostabil N . This publication is an independent review of applied phospholipid biochemistry, plasma membranes, cell lysis and apoptosis.

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